Buying either S&W 442/642 or SP-101 tomorrow

Buying either S&W 442/642 or SP-101 tomorrow

This is a discussion on Buying either S&W 442/642 or SP-101 tomorrow within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am headed to Cabellas tomorrow to get a revolver, either a S&W 442/642 or Ruger SP101. Really guys can you carry the 442/642 in ...

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Thread: Buying either S&W 442/642 or SP-101 tomorrow

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    Buying either S&W 442/642 or SP-101 tomorrow

    I am headed to Cabellas tomorrow to get a revolver, either a S&W 442/642 or Ruger SP101.

    Really guys can you carry the 442/642 in most pockets? If the 422/642 has to go on the belt, I might as well go with the Ruger and 357.

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    I can't. Unless it's in a cargo pocket. The pants I usually wear don't have that big nor deep enough pockets for pocket carry of a snub. I love snubbies but I have found that "size wise", I can carry my Glock 27 pretty much anywhere I can put a snub. And I'm carring almost twice the ammo capicity of a snub and a lot more powerful round to boot! I generally find myself carring my Kel-Tec PF9 more than anything else. I have a Ruger LCP also but don't carry it a lot unless I'm dressed to where I need the smallest decent caliber gun I can get. I'm not reccomending any particular brand here just saying that the PF9 "fits the bill" for me as being the lightest, smallest, thinnest reasonably powerful handgun with a decent round capicity I have found to date. It shoots well and so far has been 100% reliable with all ammo that I have tried in it.
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    That answer is going to depend on your pants,pockets,build, and holster. Just one man's opinion, I pocket carry a 642 from time to time but not in every pair of pants I own.

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    Not me. Biggest thing I can comfortably fit in my pocket is Ruger LCP. Depends on your pocket size and how tight/loose your pants are. When you get to the store, try one out and see how well it fits before you buy it. Personally I like my Ruger LCR on the waist in a belt slide holster. I sometimes carry the LCP in my pocket. If you really want .357 then get the sp101, it's a great gun.
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    I pocket carry a LCP. I've been looking at j frames and the LCR , but wound up getting a SP101 so I had the little "extra-357". It shoots great with the Hogue grip and will carry it in a paddle hoster.

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    I tried to make the 637 (same weight/size of 642) an every day pocket carry and it just didn't work without a cover shirt/jacket. I ended up getting an LCP for that role.

    To do it again, I'd get the Ruger (.357 goodness) and put it in an IWB belt holster and know that it'll work with whatever I'm wearing.
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    I pocket carry a 642 from time to time. Has served me very well over the years and shoots very accurate for such a small barrel pistol.

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    I always carry my 642 in my pocket.
    Seems to work fine with most pants.

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    I am not a fan of the air weights. But yes, I carry a 357 J Frame everyday. Fits great in Levis and Wrangler jean pockets when using a Mika pocket holster. I love my S&W 649 I believe it is the ultimate pocket wheel gun. YMMV.
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    My wife and I love "OUR" SP101. While it's not exactly light, It is extremely fun to shoot and very accurate for a snubbie. We were just talking about it the other day and we both agreed that we would never get rid of it. If you get one, you'll probably have similar feelings.

    Buying either S&W 442/642 or SP-101 tomorrow-img_0287.jpg
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    EDC is S&W 442 . After handling a LCR in person at my LGS, I lost all interest in it. The Taurus was more expensive than the S&W, and the Charter was almost the same price. No brainer, bought the original tried and true S&W, stick it in my strong side pocket, and speedstrip(s) go weakside.

    S&W M&P 340 is a J-frame snubbie .357.

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    Just remember that with the 642 you have to be careful which cleaning solvents you use as it may erode the finish.

    I'd go with the 442/642 for comfy carry. Although, the 101 is built like a tank and will serve you well, for sure.
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    I have no problems pocket carrying a 642.
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    S&W 642 pocket or belt

    I often use a S&W 642 either in the pocket or on the belt, in appendix carry with a Comp-Tac 2 o'clock IWB holster. It is so small and unobtrusive on the belt that any reasonable cover garment hides it well.

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    I pocket carry a 442; I bought it specifically for that role. Usually in the weak side in Wrangler Cargo pants.

    It also carries nicely in my slacks.
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