LCR for Pocket

LCR for Pocket

This is a discussion on LCR for Pocket within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Assuming not wearing tight pants like jeans, is the LCR small enough, or do you need to go with a small .380 like the LCP?...

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Thread: LCR for Pocket

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    LCR for Pocket

    Assuming not wearing tight pants like jeans, is the LCR small enough, or do you need to go with a small .380 like the LCP?

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    I can carry my LCR in most of my pants pockets without problem. I have carried in khakis, cargo pants, shorts, and overalls, and I have a pair of "Faded Glory" jeans from WallyWorld that have large, baggy pockets that I can carry it in, also. My Levis and Wranglers have pockets too small for me to get my hand and the gun out easily, however, so I carry IWB with those.
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    My experience with pocket carrying my LCR is this: The only way I can successfully pull it off is in a Desantis pocket holster in cargo shorts pockets which is actually quite comfortable. A standard pocket is just too small for the stock hogue grip, the boot grip may be small enough for standard pocket size carry.

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    LCR is fine for my wife or me. A good choice for pocket carry with a good holster.
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    I'm able to stick mine in my pocket and hide it just fine even with a cheap $15 holster I found at Bass Pro with khaki shorts. Of course in this state I can't leave my property line with it on, but oh well...

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    I carry a J Frame S&W 642 in my pocket in either a Desantis Nemesis or Mika holster most of the time. The grip is what gives most people trouble if it's anything larger than the boot grip that comes on the 642. I think the LCR is similar in that regard--the two revolvers are close in size.

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    A LCP will fit in ANY men's pants pockets. A revolver will fit in SOME pockets. That's the difference.
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    I just got my 357 LCR Thursday. Friday I shot it and it has been in my pocket since then. I am carrying it as backup to my SP101. It seems to carry just as easy as my 442. Shooting 125G 357 Ammo was not a problem. The grip works well handling recoil and fits my Jeans and Cargo Shorts Pockets just fine.

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    I was considering the LCR, when I bought my 442. They are very close in dimensions. I carry my S&W in my pocket, more often than not, and I believe that the LCR would carry just as easily.

    I wear either Wrangler cargo pants, or Walmart carpenter jeans, or similar. Today, it's riding in the strong side pocket of my Merona slacks. I'm using a Remora No-Clip holster as a pocket holster. It's a little larger than a specifically designed pocket holster, but it works.

    I would think that your LCR would carry just fine in any reputable pocket holster, as long as you don't have skin tight pants.
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