Gun for the wife, first time shooter

Gun for the wife, first time shooter

This is a discussion on Gun for the wife, first time shooter within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well, after having my CCW for over a year, finally talked to the wife about getting hers. First off, many years ago she was totally ...

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Thread: Gun for the wife, first time shooter

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    Gun for the wife, first time shooter

    Well, after having my CCW for over a year, finally talked to the wife about getting hers. First off, many years ago she was totally against having guns around, even the hunting rifles I have. Well, we have chatted about it and one day she comes home talking about a radio commercial she heard for a new gun range opening near us. This was the grand opening weekend, and today we didn't have anything to do so we both went over to check it out. Low and behold there were 5 older ladies there in front of us, wanting to shoot for the first time. After watching them shoot, my wife asked if we were going to join and maybe shoot today. Well, we got signed up and started looking at guns. I had my Glock 23 on my hip ready to go as usual. Now it is just my opininon, but I think (thought) that a revolver would be better for a women. Don't ask why, just my idea. We rented a S&W 38 special and got some ammo and grabbed a lane to shoot. She was having quite a bit of trouble sighting that gun in. Placed the first two holes in the plywood above the lane. Range instructor even worked with her a bit and although she could hit the target at 7 yards, probably would be in trouble in a defensive situation. So I pulled the 23 out of my holster and emptied the magazine into the target. Reloaded for her and wow, what a difference. Afte one magazine, put a new target up and she was dead on! 34 out of 36 in the 9 or better and one stray thru the right collarbone.
    Now she is ready to take the CCW class with her sister and get her CCW.
    Guess I will have to start carrying my Colt Defender full time now as she will want to use the Glock. Next time, we will be taking the Ruger LCP with us to the range (wasn't even prepared to shoot today or I would have had it along with my range bag with us) to see how she likes that. She did handle one at the range but we didn't shoot it.

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    First of all, tell her GOOD FOR YOU, HONEY!

    Now, since your range rents guns, have her rent anything they have. Revolvers, semis, big, small - you know the drill. Try using this guideline for her:

    The "best" gun is the one YOU like, not anyone else. It will be a compromise of:

    1. Fit - It should fit in your hand like you were born with it there.
    2. Reliability - It should go BANG about 99.8% of the time you pull the trigger.
    3. Accuracy - In YOUR hand. It's how well YOU shoot it.
    4. Concealability - It should be comfortable enough to wear and easy enough to conceal so you won't leave it laying on the dresser at home.
    5. Cost - You don't want to scrimp on your "life protector" weapon, but you probably don't need a $1,000 Kimber, either.

    The gun she will love to shoot (practice a lot with) and want to carry will be the one she picks. Her experience with the S&W .38 (I'm assuming it was a snubbie) was typical. Unless a person has a lot of practice with one, they will usually shoot high. The recoil can sometimes be excessive, too. A semi may fit her hand better and be easier to conceal. Just let her shoot anything and everything. When she shoots one and turns to you with a big cheesy grin on her face, you will have found the one.

    Congrats to her and good luck in your search!

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    Why not surprize her with the glock 26.
    I rather be safe then sorry.
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    If you want good advice that you'll hear many times over, LET HER pick out her own gun. If not, she won't be satisfied later on down the road.
    Congrats on her decision though...keep encouraging her.
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    If you haven't yet, both you and your wife should check out

    Be sure to read the "Choosing Firearms" and "For the Men" sections.

    There is a lot in other sections your wife might find helpful, also.

    It's a great site -- for men and women.
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    Maybe a Glock 19 since she enjoyed your Glock 23. Same size, cheaper round. And if she doesnt like it, I guess you'll just have to hold on to it.
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    Buy your wife the gun you want, tell her you bought it for her, then when she doesent like it, you keep it. Then take her to the gun store and let her pick hers out.
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    Excellent! Great day at the range and good experiences! The women. More of them are stepping up and stepping out when it comes to the pistols and self defense...and going for their carry permits. It's also more evident here on the forum. Talked my wife into taking her class and getting her permit last year. We looked at a lot of pistols in several months....tried out the ones that most interested her while her application was tied up in the process, and after she got it. Sometimes we (the guys....husbands...boyfriends...etc) think we might have ideas as to what might be best for our girls to look at.
    Don't ask why, just my idea. We rented a S&W 38 special and got some ammo and grabbed a lane to shoot.
    Most of the time, the girls are going to surprise us, and show us that we don't know everything. LOL! They usually have something in mind even if they don't. Women are generally a better shot with something they like and works well for them naturally. I've seen it many times. Our local gun club offers a 'ladies day' once a year.......that's where they go without their men or (influences) and try out many pistols as well as get the basics on the range with live fire. I personally think this is a good program and we support it with our club membership fees.
    The wife and the Glock....................
    Might know, my wife went for my Glock after she tried out several at the range....narrowed them down from the ones held and tested (dry fired) at the local gun shops. It can be quite a process of elimination, and it definitely takes some time. But it's worth it. After all was said and done, my wife went with the baby Glock out of everything else. She did very good with the G26 at the range...her, in the meantime........she carried my G27 after she got her permit, and she had done plenty of shooting with it at the local indoor range. A few months later, I had the funds to get her a brand new G26 for her birthday, and a CTC LaserGrip for it (that she was so fond of in the gun shop trials). Then I got my G27 back! The G26 works so well for her for personal defense. When I got her into competition (USPSA), things changed a lot! But that's another story.
    Keep nurturing the basics for your wife. Know when to step back...and know when you've lost your Glock to a better purpose. Sounds like that's the one she should take to the class. My wife actually qualified with the G19.
    My best to you both! You for making the effort, and her to follow through with it. Nothing like having your spouse carrying along side you, or knowing when they go alone that they can take care of themselves. I know it makes me feel more complete, and my wife better prepared on her own. You'll soon know the feeling........and it's priceless. Believe me.

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    Where ever the government says go
    let her pick her own gun even if its your EDC
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    .40 hurt my wife's wrists after a range session of 50 or more. She loved my P228 and is an assassin on some paper with it. We looked all over and she has a G26 on the way.
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    Maybe before trying to select a carry gun for her, you might want to get her started with a nice .22 pistol just so that she can learn to shoot first.

    A lot of people will start to “come around” just to be “turned off” again because they are not enjoying shooting. The problem in most of these cases is trying to start with a larger caliber and not being able to see any progress in their abilities (not to mention the discomfort of the recoil). I especially see this in people, both men and women, who go for a carry gun before they have learned to shoot. They will be really “into it” for a short time and then, before you know it, their carry gun has been in the drawer for 6 moths and it has been even longer than that since they have shot.

    It is great that she is developing an interest in it, now you need to keep her interested. With a .22, either a revolver or a semi-auto, she will be able to learn the basics of shooting and develop an enjoyment of the sport that will keep her going as she moves into larger calibers and begins to look for a carry gun.

    Like anything else, it takes practice to be good. In order for somebody to want to put in that practice time, they have to enjoy it. Part of the enjoyment is seeing your progress, that means that you start small and work up from there.

    This is just my opinion, everybody is different and everybody learns differently, but this approach has always worked for me.

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    My wife completed POST qualification with a G19 just fine. On later years we both got our CC permit and she wanted something a bit smaller and revolver and she asked me to pick it out for her. I picked her up a S&W 642, she was thrilled with it and shoots it very well. I never mentioned that the lightweight may have a bit more snap to it.........and she never noticed it ( shhhhhhhhh ).
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    Thanks for all the continuing advice. She is now signed up for her class.
    The picture of her first target. This was only after 40 rounds thru the S&W (3 in the ceiling) and 12 thru the Glock 23.
    Put up a new target and here it is. Mind you that this is the first time she has ever handled a handgun, let alone shoot one.

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    Let her pick what she wants to carry (even if it is a pink gun) and just be happy that she has decided to carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wormy View Post
    Buy your wife the gun you want, tell her you bought it for her, then when she doesent like it, you keep it. Then take her to the gun store and let her pick hers out.
    Great advice. Although, a G19 is a great CCW that can serve many roles.
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