Home-stipple job....(56K, better not..)

Home-stipple job....(56K, better not..)

This is a discussion on Home-stipple job....(56K, better not..) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys, Just finished this one up for a guy on another forum. It's very 'grippy'. I think this stippling stuff helps more on these ...

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Thread: Home-stipple job....(56K, better not..)

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    Home-stipple job....(56K, better not..)

    Hey guys,

    Just finished this one up for a guy on another forum.

    It's very 'grippy'. I think this stippling stuff helps more on these little guns than on the full-size ones..

    Any critiques welcome


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    Looks very nice, not over done and the texture looks very even instead of looking like it was put in a blender full of steak knives.

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    Holy crap! That looks great, very professional looking.
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    Wow...I like that a lot...looks very good.
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    Looks good. Will probably help alot on days when conditions are damp or sweaty. Those little pocket pistols can be a handful sometimes.
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    You did a great job. I like it.

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    You must have oodles of patience. Nice touch on the magazines.
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    Nice job - one of the best I've seen! I like the fine stipple, most of the stipple jobs I've seen are too coarse. Both the stipple and the edges are very even.
    The mag base plates are a great addition!
    Don't know if the heel is metal or plastic, but stippling that would have finished it even more nicely.

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    Wow very nice job. Please tell me you have a tool that has multiple pointy ends and not on stipple at a time.
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    Wow! Very neatly done. Looks great. I agree that the mag plates are a nice touch.
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    Looks awesome.

    Will dead skin, oil, dirt, and all sorts of nastiness clog all of those little openings after a while? How do you clean that out?
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    To me it looks "fuzzy"...lol. As long as it works, that's all that matters.
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    Looks great! I like it. Is it tacky against cloth?

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    Thanks guys!

    trying to answer all the questions...

    Nope...one dot at a time....

    Yes, it can get dirt and stuff in it, but just rubbing an old toothbrush over it will clean it right up!

    It is very grippy, but it does not catch on cloth as easily as the 'skateboard tape' some folks use. (That was the reason I started trying this)


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    That's a very good job. Looks like it would do a lot of good with sweaty palms and the like. Can you patent something like that? Might be something looking into.

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