Problem w/ my S&W 642

Problem w/ my S&W 642

This is a discussion on Problem w/ my S&W 642 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I bought a brand new 642 last week. I've gone shooting with it twice with no problems. As I was dry firing it the other ...

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Thread: Problem w/ my S&W 642

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    Problem w/ my S&W 642

    I bought a brand new 642 last week. I've gone shooting with it twice with no problems.

    As I was dry firing it the other night I noticed that it felt funny. Upon closer inspection I noticed that if I were to pull the trigger quickly the cylinder would rotate quickly and "skip" a chamber, or it would stop in-between chambers.

    It only does this when I pull the trigger quickiy. If I pull the trigger slowly, like I was at the range, then it is fine.

    The good news is that I contacted Smith and Wesson. I was on the phone for all of five minutes. They are sending me a prepaid shipping box to send my gun in to be looked at. Fantastic customer service!

    Has anyone else experienced this problem or have an idea of what's wrong?
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    I have a 442 and experienced some issues dry firing, but not quite like that. If you don't let the trigger ALL the way back out when firing quickly, it can cause the cylinder advance bar to not reset (mine, it would not advance the cylinder enough, not too far). I also experienced trigger lock-up at times when dry firing quickly too. I would have to let it all the way back out and pull again.

    New gun, send it back in and let S&W look at it.

    Me, rather than send it back in, I ordered a set of Wolff springs and took it apart, removed the internal lock flag, sanded all of the trigger, sear, and hammer contact points with 1500 grit to a smooth shiney surface, and replaced the main hammer spring with a 8# spring (original was 10 to 12) and replaced the trigger return spring with a 14# spring (original 18). For whatever reason, this resolved all of my quick firing issues and made it a much smoother and accurate shooter. The trigger is still firm enough to feel right (not squishy at all), but smooth as warm butter. I would highly recommend the Wolff spring replacements and removing the lock.

    I used to use the lock, but one time discovered that I had been carrying it for a day with it locked and didn't know it. I now use safes or cable internal locks for me anymore. I kept all of the original factory stuff in case I ever want to put it back to factory specs. There are youtube videos that walk you step by step on lock removal and spring replacement. Easy to do...less than an hour.
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    It does sound rather odd. Keep us posted...
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    Never seen that with my 642 in all my dry firing.
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