Which would you pick? A glock 26 or 36?

Which would you pick? A glock 26 or 36?

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Thread: Which would you pick? A glock 26 or 36?

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    Which would you pick? A glock 26 or 36?


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    G26. Mostly because I have fired a few and like them. And I can interchange my G19 mags with a G26. Makes for sound logic for a BUG, for me.

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    Funny that you should ask. My EDC is a Glock-36, but at times I carry my Glock-26...both are great guns.
    The Glock-36 has the better (thinner for me) grip and is easy to conceal. The Glock-26 is a 'bit' easier to conceal (not much easier, just a bit smaller).
    I feel comfortable with either one. The '36' makes bigger holes, and the '26' just makes a few more smaller holes.

    Everything considered, and I could only have one, I'd take the Glock-36.
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    Boy, that's a "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" question.

    My only Glock experience is with my compact G23; I've handled a couple of the minis but found them too blocky. I really don't like curling my pinky under the butt of the gun.

    So... given what I know today, I would go for the G26. Given the extra challenge of handling an ultra-compact gun, I'd opt for less recoil from the 9mm plus greater capacity over the .45... and I'm a die-hard .45 guy.
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    I think that G-36 is a little easier to carry. IMO the G-26 is like a brick.
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    Well, I've got exactly ONE Glock in my safe. It's a model 36. 'Nuff said.
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    I want a G26 (or G19) only because 9mm is very cheap and I plan to shoot OFTEN.
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    For what purpose and what guns do you already have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skystud1 View Post
    Get the one that fits you best and which you can also shoot better.

    Only you can determine that.

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    I like the 26 because of reliability, ammo availability-price, easy to shoot, mag capacity.

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    I once found myself faced with the exact same question and I ended up going with the 26 even though I really like .45. I went with the 36 for a couple of reasons.

    Higher capacity - I rarely carry a spare mag on my person. With a +2 mag my glock 26 gives me 13 rounds vs 7 with the 36. I wouldn't feel comfortable with only 7 rounds.

    Options - There's a lot of ways to configure the 26 for carry. Wearing a t-shirt and worried about the handle printing? Use a 10 rnd mag and a gap floor plate to reduce it. Wearing heavier clothes in winter time? Use a glock 12 round, g19 or even g17 mag for higher capacity. Using it as your night stand gun AND you carry gun? It's great to be able to swap in a higher cap mag when going from carry duty to night stand duty.

    Easier to shoot - I admit I am not a world class marksman so YMMV but for me I could put a lot more rounds down range faster and a heck of a lot more accurately with the 26 then I can with the 36 because of recoil.

    Cost - 9mm costs a heck of a lot less then .45

    I'm happy with my 26. It's actually the gun that renewed my faith in auto's. It even took over night stand duty from my 1911. However at the end of the day you really cant go wrong with either.
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    G36. It feels better in my hand, and I prefer .45 for a defensive round, but 9mm is so much cheaper if you plan to shoot this gun often, which you should if it is your carry gun.

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    I have two G26's and a G36 and EDC the 36. It fits my hand a wee bit better because it is slightly more narrow and hence feels more natural.
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    at this point in my life, i went with 9mm because its cheaper to shoot and practice, so my first firearm was the G26...i hope to add a g19, g30, g36 and g21 in the future...

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