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Night sights on your CCW?

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Thread: Night sights on your CCW?

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    Night sights on all of my pistols.

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    My SIG 220 has the factory night sights. However my Kahr PM40 has the standard dot and post Sig style sights. I might add a night sight to the fron though.

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    My SIG P229 SAS came with a night sight on the front only.

    I also put night sights on my SIG P226R.

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    Have Night Sights on my Kahr PM9. Stand right out in the complete dark. Pick them up quick.

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    Mar 2006
    My G27 has the TRu-Glo TFO's. These are awesome and they were specially put together with yellow on the rear and grean on the front for Gary Brommeland. He is selling them at a great price. I absolutely love them. They not only work great at low light but in reg light they catch all the light and bam you have no sighting issues with these.
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    Novaks on the BHP. Green front, yellow rear. Awesome sights.

    Will do some sort of sight paint on the PPK soon. Original sight paint (and safety dot) fell off after a couple hundred rounds trying to figure out the trigger pull (never have quite mastered it).
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    Absolutely! - Wouldn't be caught dead without 'em..

    Then again, May be FOUND dead without 'em
    Above all else... Prioritize.

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    I have them on my primary. The BUG doesn't.

    In practice, I find they're more aptly termed 'low light' sights rather than 'night' - they're great in a dimly lit indoor area where I can't otherwise get a sight picture.
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    I use XS Sights on my Kahr and the factory sights on my S&W Model 60-7. I like the XS and see them faster and get on target quicker. I know my times have dropped alot when I do timed practice stages.

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    I like NS, but only on the front....
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    Night Sights are my first and possibly only alteration to a carry gun, besides grips. On my next gun if it's a Sig P229 SAS (DAK trigger) I may put CT's on as well.

    Know when I figured out that tritiums are critical? About fifteen years ago I was walking the neighborhood with my wife at about 9pm when a dog comes out of nowhere and goes after my wife. He's snappin' and snarlin' and I draw my 9mm High Power only to realize I couldn't risk the shot because I couldn't see my sights and he was just too close to that which I hold dearest. So I ran up and kicked the crap outta him with my foot! Then his owner ran up apologizing like mad. I had reholstered and I never told him how close he'd come to losing that dog. I started buying night sights the next day. AND I started carrying a SureFire Light, too.

    Night Sights are critical. I try and arrange it so that they're already ON any gun I buy.
    Former Army Infantry Captain; 28 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; NRA Patron Life; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    Oct 2005
    My Hk 40 came with night sights I like them alot but it took me awhile to get used to them. None of my other guns have them.merlin45kout

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    i have an xs big dot, plus ct grips on my 649. my wife has the identical set up.

    she's got night sights on her 686 too.

    i want to get the green/yellow combo for my cz pcr, but haven't found any that'll fit yet. they are gonna make ct grips for it. when they hit the market, i'm getting some.

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    Mepro Nightsights Are Just Awsome.great In Bright Light Or None At All.couldn't Believe It.wish They Made Archery Sights.

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    Just wondering how many of you have night sights on your carry weapon?
    Is it worth it?
    1) Yes. 2) Yes.

    I've attended a couple training classes and IDPA meets where we did some night shooting. Even while using a flashlight, I found the night sights made it easier for me to pick out my sights and shoot accurately.

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