Sig P220 Redux

Sig P220 Redux

This is a discussion on Sig P220 Redux within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just got back from the range and shooting my new Sig P220 man what a gun! I shot 100 rds of ball 50 rnds PMC ...

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Thread: Sig P220 Redux

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    Sig P220 Redux

    Just got back from the range and shooting my new Sig P220 man what a gun! I shot 100 rds of ball 50 rnds PMC 185 gr and a box of 230 gr SXT and not a hic up and all groups 2' or less and I am not that great a shot. I have been mostly shooting Glocks and I was a little worried about the DA transition but on the Sig its hardley noticeable, I won't be selling my Glock 17 but the Sig is my new carry gun for sure.

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    Welcome to the world of SIG. My P220 is one of the best in my gun safe.

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    SIG 220 Nice carry firearm.
    Glad you love it...I love mine.
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    I've never fired one, but the three SIGs that I've owned and/or carried for work and the few others I have fired have all been wonderful shooters!

    SIG does make a consistently great product!
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    Congrats on the Sig! Nice shooting too. Makes me want to look at Sigs!
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    I got around to shooting a Sig 220 just here lately. I was left with nothing but positive thoughts. The 220 is nice, and it seems like everything else Sig makes is extremely nice.
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    welcome to the world of quality.....
    the 220 only gets better with age....
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    I've been sold on SIGs since I fired my first one. I'm still Semi-lusting after two SIGs a 229 in 357 SIG and one of the new model 556 long arms.

    Enjoy your SIG it sure won't let you down.

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    So many Sigs, Never enough Money,, Such is Life.
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    Nothing wrong with any sig, and 220 is my favorite , i just kinda regret i let my stepson get away with mine a while back .
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    Great! Hardly surprised to note your enthusiasm

    Chris - P95
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    At a recent IDPA match I was graciously permitted to cap off a rapid fire magazine between strings by a buddy of mine. Very little noticible recoil and very accurate. Still, it's a handfull. For a 45 I'll stick to my Sig P245 (now out of production) and use the 220 mags as backup.
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    I just bought my 220 yesterday. Man do I love it. It has the most comfortable grip of all of the SIGs. I've put 80 rounds through it. All 230grain and no malfunctions. I'm going to try some 200 and 185 to see if I can get my groups a little tighter. My groups aren't bad but I'd like to get them a little tighter.

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