Wife tested out the LCP vs. Sig P238

Wife tested out the LCP vs. Sig P238

This is a discussion on Wife tested out the LCP vs. Sig P238 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife and I went to the range and she tried out a few .380s to see which one she liked the most. She went ...

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Thread: Wife tested out the LCP vs. Sig P238

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    Wife tested out the LCP vs. Sig P238

    My wife and I went to the range and she tried out a few .380s to see which one she liked the most.

    She went for the P238 first and was fairly accurate and she was comfortable with the recoil. Overall she liked it alot.
    Going over to the LCR her accuracy actually improved! Which, was amazing considering the lack of any sort of "sights" on the LCR. (It is within the realm of possibility that that was just a fluke. She didn't put a whole lot of ammo through it.)
    The recoil of the Ruger was manageable but substantially more than the Sig. (Obviously, its a smaller/lighter frame)
    The main problem she had with the Ruger was the length of the trigger pull. The first few times she fired it she thought something was wrong. you have to squeeze the trigger all the way back before it fires.

    Anyhow, Just some notes on her thoughts...
    I think She decided to go Sig. Overall she liked the feel, recoil control, and sights. As an added bonus, I love her choice.

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    Hmm ... do not forget that it is HER Sig
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    Good for her. I have an LCP and it is not fun to shoot. It hurts my hand a lot. The advantage of it over the Sig is I believe it is much smaller and easier to put in your pocket.

    I went out with CCW9mm and shot a Kahr 380. About the same size and shape of the LCP but infinitely more comfortable to shoot. Too bad it jammed every other round.

    Maybe your wife can show me how to hold the gun more better to make it more comfortable to shoot.
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    Had the reverse happen to me. I picked up the Sig P238 for myself for when I wanted a small pocket carry gun. At our first trip to the range with the P238, as I was standing behind the shooting stand reloading the mags, my wife asked if I had the mags for "her" gun loaded yet. So, after shooting it, she claimed it for hers - damn!
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    Yep know the feeling my wife picked up her Sig 238 and immediately ordered two sets of custom colored grips and claimed it as hers.
    A short time later I bought a 642 she also claimed it as hers but she will be nice and let me shoot them when I am home.
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    In your title you say LCP and in the story you say LCR. I'm thinking you meant LCP since you referred to no sights.

    I think she made a good choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrf4 View Post
    LCR or LCP? Which is it? One is a revolver. Not surprisingly, many people would choose the 1911-"ish" P238 over the LCP (or Kel-Tec P3AT) because of the trigger alone, but the reliability reports have been HORRIBLE.
    The early LCP's had problems, they fixed it and I had no problem with mine.

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    I keep hearing about the P238 and the bad reports. But rarely do I hear from someone who actually experienced something bad. And when they do, it is pretty much the same that one hears about almost any other gun. I have had nothing but good experience with my Sig P238. Have I experienced failures to feed or eject. Yes, occasionally. But then I have had similar experiences with a lot of other guns of different makes, models and calibers. That is why you practice, practice and practice; not just firing but failure drills so that if the gun (any gun that you may use) does fail for any reason, you are able to continue the fight.

    Usually, the problems that I have experienced have been from the outset where the new gun needs to be cleaned and oiled or greased during a 'break in' period to loosen the slide or action up. Keep your guns cleaned and well oiled or greased and most of your problems go away. Sometimes, it is the ammo. Every once in a while, there is a problem with a part or fit that requires the gun to be sent back to the factory for warranty repair. Gee, it happens. Every new vehicle I have purchased has experienced that at least once.

    As far as the P238, it is an excellent gun in my opinion. It has become my primary EDC during the work week when I need something small, lightweight and easy to conceal. It is a heck of a shooter. I looked at the P238 HD today and decided the standard P238 I have is good enough for me. Very accurate with low recoil. Much better than my Keltec P3AT and S&W Bodyguard .380 that I just got back from the factory repair shop.

    Many of my fellow shooters here locally have a P238 in their inventory as well. I have not heard any complaints from these fellow shooters. So, for me I take every report with a grain of salt and make my own decisions based up what I consider reliable information that I collect and my own experiences.

    FWIW, the only gun that I have had major malfunctions that I could not correct no matter what I did, including sending it back to the factory was a Kahr CW9. I gave it away just to get rid of it. I previously owned a Kahr K-9 that was an excellent shooter with no problems. It was just too heavy for me to use as an EDC gun. That one gun (CW9) was just a bad one. It doesn't color my opinion of Kahr.

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