Curious about Bond Arms

Curious about Bond Arms

This is a discussion on Curious about Bond Arms within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Has anyone had any experience with Bond Arms derringers? I guess I am just curious, but their .410 derringer intrigues me. I backpack quite a ...

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Thread: Curious about Bond Arms

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    Curious about Bond Arms

    Has anyone had any experience with Bond Arms derringers? I guess I am just curious, but their .410 derringer intrigues me. I backpack quite a bit when the weather permits and I always carry a Vaguero with the first two rounds in the cylinder loaded with birdshot but a .410 sounds like it might be better. Has anyone used their derringer? If so, how do you like it?

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    They're definitely cool looking but weigh about 20 ounces so for the weight (actually less, more snubs are in the 13 ounce range now) you can have a snubnose loaded with .38 snake shot and with a 5 round capacity.

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    My feeling about carrying shot loads for snakes is that you can step away out of danger far faster than you can draw, aim and shoot. They can only strike about 3-4 feet in general.

    I look at the Bond at a novelty firearm. Very limited application.
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    I have the Snakeslayer IV.
    It has a 4 1/4" barrell. The standard Snakeslayer has a 3 1/2" barrel.
    Go to and see the different choices. I have the biggest.
    I just got it so I haven't taken it to the range yet.
    I got it as a dedicated bedroom gun although it would make a good car gun.
    It's very well made, single action only, so you have to cock the hammer to fire it.
    It also has a safety, so there's no chance of it going off accidentally. Cocking the hammer takes effort.
    It fires one barrel, then the other. There is a cam on the hammer so you can see which one you want.
    They recommend shooting the bottom barrel first, since it's more in line with your wrist, and that's what the sights are set for.
    I think it's a bit heavy to carry, but check out the holster Bond makes for belt horizontal carry. I wonder if that would be perfect for a seat belt.
    I picked up some of the exotic .410 ammo made for the Taurus Judge. There's a lot of choice in .410 now. I bought only 2 1/2" shells until I test it, although it will take 3" also.
    Defiantly a close range gun. I'd say at 10', it would ruin someone's day, or a snake's day for sure.

    It also shoots the .45 long colt so you have a choice. They make about 15 different barrels and all are interchangeable with a simple 1/8" Allen screw.
    Additional barrels are $139. Maybe some day I'll get the 9mm.

    Best price is Bud's Gun Shop. (and believe me, I shopped, including Gunbroker)

    There's some good tests on YouTube if you'd like to see it in action.

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    I have a SP101 (actually the wife's) .357 and the local pawn/gunshop carries snake loads in .38 special. Something like $10 a box for 20 I think. I haven't tried them yet but LoadedPipes may have an idea there. Worth a try to load the first one or two with the snake round and the rest .38 or .357 HP's. Maybe carry a couple rounds in the pocket and change out if for a bad snake. I try to kill ALL copperheads. Hate "em!

    I've been considering a Bond Arms in .38 for a BUG. They also seem to be made like a tank. Little expensive, though.
    Yeah, My old CCW 9 MM is nicknamed "Barkey"
    New CCW LCP is "Elsie"
    and my 12 Ga S x S Coach gun is "Boomer"
    Wife's weapon is "Miss Pearl" (SP101 .357 w/mother of pearl inserts)
    We're old so we can get away with that.

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    With a limited round count it is even more critical to carry with a projectile capable of stopping the attack and I am not sold that any type of birdshot is the correct answer. With a short barrel you are going to loose a lot of velocity that is gained from a 18-22" long gun. To me these are a novelty piece and their real world usefulness is very limited. I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying anything but a 410 slug in both barrels. I am not a 100% confident it would even have the velocity needed for terminal penitration. Years ago my buddy and I tested some 20 gauge bird shot. He wrapped a pumpkin in a old leather jacket and I was shocked how few of the pellets made it through. Do your own testing.
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