I have officially drank the koolaid...

I have officially drank the koolaid...

This is a discussion on I have officially drank the koolaid... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; We went and shot the G19 today. It was my first time shooting a Glock. Well it threw three shell casings and hit me in ...

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Thread: I have officially drank the koolaid...

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    I have officially drank the koolaid...

    We went and shot the G19 today. It was my first time shooting a Glock. Well it threw three shell casings and hit me in the forehead and it cut the knuckle on my right thumb from the recoil. Even though it was a little rough on me I did enjoy shooting it. I can see us getting more Glocks in the future.

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    they're definitely nice pistols. My wife prefers to shoot the Glock over any of my other handguns. She has her LCP, but has been saying that she needs a Glock...
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    I think it cut her knuckle on her thumb from the impact when the gun recoiled. Because of her small hands, her knuckle was tucked up kinda under the rear (tang/beavertail) part of the gun, nowhere near close enough for the slide to bite her. She just has small hands.

    But we both liked how it shoots. I took the Kahr CW9 along to compare with. We like the Glock trigger better. Sorry it still didn't get dirty enough. haha We put about 130 rounds through it.

    Meprolight night sights will be here tomorrow. Will get them installed Tuesday.

    I smell another Glock in the near future Probably the G26.
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    A Glock is great for it's intended use: a handgun that shoots every time. One can surely spend a lot more money for something more accurate and pretty, but that not why most people buy the Glocks to begin with. It's all about function, and the looks aren't too bad either.
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    Some of the Glocks I have shot including my G-23 and issued G-21 SF throw the spent casing back at me sometimes. Wear a baseball cap and keep the collar of your shirt buttoned up when shooting. We have had a few female officers during qualifications catch a hot casing down the front of their shirt and they say it ain't no fun. In a real SD situation you will never know it though. You will hopefully be concentrating on your front sight. My wife loves shooting the Glocks but she will not give up her S&W 638 for concealed carry.
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    Well I better do a google search on a pink glock.....

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    Congrats on the Glock...the '19' is a great gun.
    Glocks can have that clunky old look, but then so do I...we deserve each other.
    I have two now, and at least two more to add to my collection.
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    "I have officially drank the koolaid..."
    koolaid from a Tupperware pitcher.

    Congrats. Good handgun.

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    While Glocks are fun there is GSSF too. You and the wife can join and have a ball...
    Practice a proper grip for a simi-auto pistol and the thumb/knuckle biting will go away.
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    Congratulations on the new G19 and the range time! Woo Hoo! You're a Glockster now!
    IMO......wear a ball cap. The Glocks will sometimes change over a period as to where they throw the spent brass. This also relates to the shooter's hold and grip. Sort of odd in a way....like driving a vehicle with a brain (most of them have this now and will compensate for different drivers). One of those things.
    My wife actually got nicked over her grip thumb her first time out with the G19 (even though I told her to expect it or keep out of the way). A high grip on the Glock is generally good. Knowing the mechanics sometimes involves a little lesson that means more than words can say. It happens sometimes. Even though my wife was brought up with the Glocks in competition, and carries one for her own PD, she still likes to work with the SIG P220 SAO. I'm slowly learning why and what it actually means. I love my Glocks, but I can never actually convey as to why someone should choose one over anything else. One of those things folks need to find out for themselves. Goes without saying........I think I like you more now since you've found out for yourself. Glock on!

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    Glad that you like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crankinNM View Post
    Well I better do a google search on a pink glock.....
    Krylon comes in pink..... just sayin'

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    For someone with smaller hands, you should seriously consider a Walther PPS. It operates exactly like a Glock. But it is a single stack pistol ( 7 +1 capacity in 9mm ), and consequently has a grip that is no where near as thick as the Glock. You would thus be able to get a far better grip on it. And that would aid in making the gun much more comfortable for you to shoot.

    If you slip a $10 Limbsaver recoil absorbing sleeve over the grip, that can make shooting it even more comfortable. Want to make it even yet softer in recoil? For $75 you can install a DPM Systems Recoil Reduction system in the handgun. Here is info on their product:


    Here is a photo of it installed in my PPS:

    You can also buy these to install in Glocks too. Although that would not help any with the grip being too big for you.

    Here is a photo of my Walther PPS, with the Limbsaver sleeve and DPM systems unit installed in it:

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    The PPS does not operate exactly like a Glock - the mag release is very different. That's what kept me from getting one, and instead getting a G26 (that, plus the mag compatibility with my G19). If you are used to dropping your mag with your thumb, you run the risk of fumbling a reload while under stress. Keeping things as simple and consistent as possible is a good thing. IMHO.

    Congrats on the G19. Fine pistol!
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    I have a G17 myself. Does the job.
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