Went Saturday evening & bought a Ruger LCP (Range Report too)

Went Saturday evening & bought a Ruger LCP (Range Report too)

This is a discussion on Went Saturday evening & bought a Ruger LCP (Range Report too) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Elsie P & me are a couple now. Yeah i know no pics but i assume you know what she looks like. I have been ...

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Thread: Went Saturday evening & bought a Ruger LCP (Range Report too)

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    Went Saturday evening & bought a Ruger LCP (Range Report too)

    Elsie P & me are a couple now.

    Yeah i know no pics but i assume you know what she looks like.

    I have been carrying a Glock 23 & or a Taurus Titanium 85 38 +P ever since i got my CHL about a decade or so ago. So i have been looking for something new I wanted to carry & since it is a tad warm in Texas most of the time I wanted a small pocket carry. I have looked & read, looked & read some more & decided on the Ruger LCP.

    Yesterday evening I called my local gun shop & asked if they had the Ruger LCP I had looked at a few weeks ago....they said yes so I told em I am heading your way to pick it up. I stopped on the way to see what ammo Wally World had. They had some I had never heard of.....Tul Ammo made in Russia. 91 gr. FMJ for $14.27 a box. I got 2 boxes since I knew the stuff at the gun shop would be higher but also would be able to get a good defense load there.

    Got at the gun shop...it was packed with people but they had my gal on the counter waiting for me. Made sure it had a magazine with the pinky extender & then bought an extra magazine with the pinky extender. Bought a box of S & B ball for $19.95... cause i had heard good things about it. Out the door in 15 minutes with all this for $364.93.

    Nearly ran off the road several times going home cause I was looking at my new gal... Elsie P. I think driving home with a new gun is worse than texting while driving.

    Got home without wrecking (PTL), do not clean her up or anything...grab a empty feed sack & head off to the stock-tank below my house. Put the sack against the dam & start loading her up after putting in my ear plugs. I have an audience....my heifers are gathering round to watch. I load up 2 mags of S & B....point aim & fire. WOW, this dainty girl can shoot. Shot 25 rounds of the S & B & could not be more pleased....no hiccups at all. Was firing from 7 feet & putting some in the same hole with the occasional shooter error. The gun fits my small hands well. WOW!!

    Then I load up the el cheapo stuff while crossing my fingers. Put a magazine in, pull the slide back to load the shell...it loads but feels a tad tighter than the S & B. Start firing no problems. Then about halfway through I have a failure to feed...I tap lightly on the slide, it feeds & I commence to firing at dirt clods & blowing em away. I decide to quit at 25 shells on the el cheapo brand....with 5 shells left I see an old protein tub (cattle lick ) made of the hard blue plastic. I mark off 25 feet get on one knee (since it was lower than me) & pull the trigger as fast as I can...all 5 holes can be covered with the palm of my hand. EXCELLENT!!

    I am hoping the failure to feed was from it being the el cheapo brand. I will continue to use it for practice but will definitely shoot more of the S & B & will use it as my carry ammo if it proves reliable as I imagine it will.

    All in all a most enjoyable evening !!! If she keeps doing this well I probably will be looking to purchase another Elsie P in the future !!

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    Congrats on the LCP. Enjoy.
    "The Second Amendment: America's Original Homeland Security"

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    Congratulations on your new pistol!
    Never play with your pistol while driving.
    Looking forward to the range report! (assuming both you and the pistol made it home alright and there will be a forthcoming trip to the range). LOL!
    Okay.....got the range report as if I wasn't reading the whole thing! Duh!

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    Thanks GM & Ramrod for the replies...wow only 2 replies...i guess i wont be posting much about what i have experienced in here...

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    I'm still amazed how accurate my LCP is. I carry mine in my right front pocket in a great leather holster made by Schleif Leatherworks.

    I recommend getting a Hogue jr grip sleeve, it lessened the sting in recoil for me.

    Went Saturday evening & bought a Ruger LCP (Range Report too)-picture-006.jpg
    Proud NRA member

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    Congrats on the new LCP. Great little guns. I think everyone should have, like... 5 of them.
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    Glock 26 XD9sc
    Ruger SR9c Ruger LCP

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    Congratulations on your new Ruger LCP! Great little pocket gun, you will be glad you got it!
    God bless our troops!

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    I've been thinking seriously about getting one of those....glad to hear another good report on it.
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    "I like a man who grins when he fights."
    ~Winston Churchill

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    Congrads. Playing with the pistolwhile driving! Lol. I do the same thing after a new aquisition. Ain't that the truth! The beauty and power of a new gun is second only to a good woman!

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    Elsie P, good name. I'm sure you are going to be satisfied with the reliability of the LCP. I liked reading your range report.
    If you understand, things are just as they are... If you do not understand, things are just as they are....
    - Zen Saying

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    Congrats Buckj, you are gonna love the LCP. Mine has been 100% reliable with everything I have put through it. Very accurate for such a small gun and flat out disappears in your pocket.

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