Finally Sig P226, but......

Finally Sig P226, but......

This is a discussion on Finally Sig P226, but...... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I'm adding a Sig P226 to my EDC. Got an early ( 1988 ) "JJ" model. German engineering at its best. I loved the ...

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Thread: Finally Sig P226, but......

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    Finally Sig P226, but......

    Well I'm adding a Sig P226 to my EDC. Got an early ( 1988 ) "JJ" model. German engineering at its best. I loved the way it shot, but something happened that I have to share with the rest. See how many times this can happen.

    I live out in the country, so I can practice safely without having to find a range. A friend got me some big stumps, that needed split for fire wood. That wood is so petrified nobody could even put a dint on them with a 13# maul.

    Well, I stacked the stumps on top of each other in front of an enbankment, and they became my back stops. I already split a couple of them in half ( full of copper plated lead ). Today I decided to run a full magazine with an empty casing to practice clearing a malfunction. Well, bang, bang bang, "click", tap, rack, bang ,bang, empty. Slide locked back.

    Time to pick up brass. HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE? around my pile of brass, I found "A BULLET". Slightly scratched if anything, but the bullet was by my feet!!!

    Did my Sig feel sorry for me, for feeding her empty brass, that she decided to give me back a bullet? ***?

    P.S. My handgun spontaneous practice is usually from 7 to 12 yards from the target.

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    I'd move back a bit.
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    Are you sure that you didn't rack it twice?
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    Depending on the backstop it has been known for bullets to ricochet and come back at the shooter.
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    Not uncommon at all. Hard backstop, mid powered handgun round. This is why many steel target systems are angled down so the round will deflect to the ground instead of back at the shooter.
    NY27 he is talking about a projectile laying at his feet.
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    Thanks every one. Next time I pull the trigger at that target, I will ninja jump, and tuck and roll like a real warrior should train.

    All jokes aside, I'm glad it wasn't my time, but it reminded me of "Creesse", when he asked Christopher Walken, if he "ever had a bad primer", and Walken said, " ..a bullet never lies".

    Man on Fire

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