Putting in a new barrel

Putting in a new barrel

This is a discussion on Putting in a new barrel within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am thinking of putting a Glock 19 barrel in my 26. I carry my 26 and it seems that getting that extra 1/2" or ...

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Thread: Putting in a new barrel

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    Putting in a new barrel

    I am thinking of putting a Glock 19 barrel in my 26. I carry my 26 and it seems that getting that extra 1/2" or so of barrel length improves the ballastics a bit.

    But that is not my question. I currently installed Big Dot sights on my Glock 26. It is sighted in perfectly. Very accurate. If I put a new barrel in, will that change the zeroing of the sights?
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    Should have no effect since positioning and lockup will remain the same.
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    Maybe, maybe not. You won't know until you drop in the barrel. Manufacturing tolerances are such that it could be right on the money, or substantially off.

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    It shouldn't. At most you're picking up less than 50 ft/sec muzzle velocity*, so at defensive distances you would barely notice a change in POI due to the higher velocity. The actual fitment (lockup) of the barrel relative to the slide (think machining tolerances) will make more of a difference, but at most I think you might have to drift the rear sight a hair one way or the other.

    *based on "Ballistics by the Inch" (google it). I'm curious how much this new barrel will cost and the extent of your perceived benefit from the change.
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    Any difference in balistics or POI will be nil in the world of SD. Now if you're shooting steel at 200 yrds with your Glock....
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    The G19 barrel is completely compatible with the G26. It increases velocity without any effect on concealability or comfort, so there's no downside to installing it. I don't think you'll notice any difference in POI. Does it make a difference in a SD situation? It can't hurt.
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    I second this great idea of a longer barrel in a compact pistol. Many manufactures, like Beretta, design their barrels to protrude past the slide an extra 1/2".
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