Happy 4th Kimber .22 conversion kit

This is a discussion on Happy 4th Kimber .22 conversion kit within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; All the $$ I could have spent on sparklers...this is going to be just as much fun. After waiting 6 mos, I finally got a ...

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Thread: Happy 4th Kimber .22 conversion kit

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    Happy 4th Kimber .22 conversion kit

    All the $$ I could have spent on sparklers...this is going to be just as much fun. After waiting 6 mos, I finally got a bunch of these in, and, oops, ones missing and will be in action soon. I thought about putting on the commander and using the CT laser, but the big pro-point on the see through mount is first in line. Beside, this series 70 has a cool trigger. I've managed to butcher a left hand Fobus paddle with the bench grinder, so I can put it somewhere while I try to mike the groups (dream on.)
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    Very Nice ive been thinking on a Kit myself to go on my trophymatch .. Have a Good 4th

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    I thought about getting a conversion unit for a while. One of the complete guns (Rimfire Target) sounded nice, but it seemed like a lot of money.
    Then I ran across one at the regular shop for a really good price about two months ago, and got it.

    If you look around the internet, you may see a lot of complaints of malfunctions with Kimber 22 conversions and complete guns.

    Like a lot of things on the internet, I think you have to take that with a grain of salt.

    Kimber makes no secret of the fact that Standard Velocity ammo may not function the gun. I noticed that most of the people with complaints didn't specify what ammo they were using. I'm not saying that every malfunction as caused by not using Hi Velocity ammo, but I have to wonder if it played a part.

    Even though I knew better, I had to shoot mine with both Standard and Hi Velocity ammo. I had two malfunctions the first time- one was a boltover (slide passed over the next round in the mag without picking it up), and the other was when a round failed to fire on the first attempt (but fired on the second hit). Disregarding that last one as a potential ammo problem, that leaves one malfunction.
    I have had none since.

    Granted, I haven't had it that long, or shot it that much, but I would certainly not call it unreliable.

    Accuracy is fine, also. I've never benched mine, but shot eight or ten types of ammo for group "at speed". From 15 yards, standing, unsupported, and firing as soon as I got a sight picture (which is pretty fast with a .22) I got 2" groups. Considering the speed the groups were shot, that's pretty good. Results were near-identical among all the different ammo types, with nothing standing out as being particularly good or bad (as can happen with some .22s). A couple went about 1/8" smaller, and a couple around 1/8" larger. It's nice to know that I can grab about any box of ammo, and be OK.

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    Barry Same thing in a lot of 22 kits my Glock says wont function with std velocity ammo nor federal.. Course i use HV federals and it runs great i had to try the fed's as they have always worked the best ..

    But ya i notice on the conversion kits people never say what ammo if my glock kit didn't work i wouldn't have complained since i knew i was using ammo that the maker said probley wont work

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    Conversion Kit

    I agree that the kit can be finicky and I definitely would not trust my life to it. However that is not the reason I bought mine.

    I bought it so I could use the same grip and trigger to practice with and save money. Does it help yes. Do I recommend it yes, for practice. And you can look at the failure to feed, failure to eject as practice of your tap and rack drills. You never know when it will fail. So buy it to improve accuracy, trigger pull and grip memory. Don't buy it for self defense.


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