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This is a discussion on thinkin bout trading within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by JGglock well i did it got $350 for my xd and paid 230 cash for a m&p 9. just got home with ...

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Thread: thinkin bout trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by JGglock View Post
    well i did it got $350 for my xd and paid 230 cash for a m&p 9. just got home with it and am on my lunch break so after work ill be takin her out n shoot! it has the ambi thumb saftey and not for sure if i like it or not but ive heard they can be removed, anyone have any experience with this??

    I have the 9c w/o any safety, byt PM my nephew,

    He has the full size .40 and did something along those lines because of the Crimson trace grip .
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    I had an M&P 9c when I first got my CHL and carried it often, liked the gun, but had medical issues and was off work so I had to sell it to pay some bills, wish I still had it, along with my old G19 I sold in 2004 during my divorce to help fund the child custody battle that I eventually won.
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    Make the trade, but make sure a Glock is not involved in what leaves your side of the deal.
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    I would rather trade in the XD9 and buy the Glock 19 so that you stay within the same handgun platform and you can interchange the mags with the Glock 26.
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    Am I the only guy who doesn't undestand all this trade-in stuff? I have a brother that does it with cars. He loses money on every dang deal - every time. He loses big on the trade in, then pays for a new vehicle that depreciates 30% the minute he drives it off the lot.

    I can see if you're a n00b, and are trying to dial-in which sidearm works best for cc, but I can't see doing this on a on-going basis after you've made a couple mistakes.

    If you're already concerned about the safety, or any other doodad on the gun, DON'T BUY IT! You'll end up trading it in two months because you don't like that safety, and you'll get hosed on your trade-in while paying top dollar for your new love affair.

    Are that may people here living paycheck-to-paycheck that they have to take a beating on a handgun to scrounge up $200 to $500? Most guys I know have that scratch in their wallet as walking around money. What divorce lawyer or doctor works for $500? If I had a divorce or a serious unmet medical need, I'd be selling a house and the cars. I'd keep my gun.

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