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This is a discussion on LCP vs LCR within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; [QUOTE=gottabkiddin;1793061] ([I]10thmtn, I'm sorry to read how your LCPs are not up to the level you deserve. Like you my confidence in the autoloader came ...

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Thread: LCP vs LCR

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    ([I]10thmtn, I'm sorry to read how your LCPs are not up to the level you deserve. Like you my confidence in the autoloader came into question the last time I took my Sig P238 to the range. I ended up having three stove pipes outa 50 rounds and knowing how meticulous I am about keeping my carry guns conditioned, that pretty much set me on my path to start looking at the near 100% reliability of the snub revolver. My decision to change the platform of my carry guns was solidified pretty much from my first range trip. At the same distance I practice with my autos I was dead on with my Taurus 650 .357, and my LCR is no different. [QUOTE]

    I bought a Glock 26 Gen3 and Remington R1 1911 last week and both had serious problems out of the box that the dealer was easily able to duplicate. I also had two recently purchased semi autos (Kahr P40 and XDM 45) turn into jam-o-matics after proving themselves reliable after several hundred rounds. I routinely take one of my carry guns to the range every time I go about twice a month and shoot whatever mag is in them to see what would happen if I had to use it for SD at that time. Very disheartening to have them fail when pretending they are needed to save your life. I am an old time gun shooter and it seems that the newer guns, especially those produced in the last few years suffer from severe QC issues. I traded those lemons in on an LCR, SW 360PD (carries better than my LCP in my pocket due to more area for weight distribution I guess) and a Ruger Super Single Six. I will not be buying anymore semi auto pistols in the future. In the last 40 years of shooting every semi auto I have owned has failed for whatever reason. Not one revolver ever failed me in that time despite shooting revolvers a heck of a lot more. I will trust 5 for sure over 15 maybe anytime. If need be I can carry two snubbies or a snubbie and a NAA Mini revolver or LCP as a BUG.

    BTW, I think that the stock LCR trigger is better than any stock SW J-Frame trigger I have shot over the years. As far as ease of carry the nod easily goes to the 360PD. I have no problem with the polymer LCR. Not long ago, or maybe it was long ago, gun experts and those thinking they are were putting down the Glock as an inferior weapon doomed to last only a few hundred rounds and built like a toy. Now look at it. Look at S&W and Taurus imitating Ruger instead of vice versa.

    P.S. - It has been my experience that those that claim that their semi-autos never failed either have not shot enough rounds through it or have shot a lot of rounds and did have problems but attributed them to bad ammo, limp wristing, bad mags, etc.. Being a member of a gun club and competitive shooter puts you in contact with a heck of a lot of shooters and not just a few friends and people online. In talking with them over the years and watching their flawless guns jam I learned a lot. Sometimes they really do not remember that their gun jammed and other times they blame everything but the gun. I learned the hard way that even Glock Perfection is not perfect and should be treated like any other semi auto. And performing a tap, rack, bang drill was not useful in my lemon guns. I know that when a revolver jams it basically takes it out of action but in 40 years of shooting in gun clubs, public ranges and competitively, I never saw one jam. Saw lots of handloads causing problems in both types of guns but never a problem with factory ammo. I am sure that some out there have seen revolvers jam but I never did nor did anyone I know who shoots with me.

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    Although I don't carry it unless I have no other choice, the LCP does fit great in front pocket with DeSantis Nemesis and even better in back pocket with Stoner wallet holster!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gottabkiddin View Post
    It has been my experience that those that claim that their semi-autos never failed either have not shot enough rounds through it or have shot a lot of rounds and did have problems but attributed them to bad ammo, limp wristing, bad mags, etc..
    I think this is probably correct, I own four autos no of which are cheap guns (glock23, sig226, desert eagle 1911 and ruger LCP) and all but the Glock have malfunction. However, I do believe the malfunctions were greatly attributed to the ammo used. I carry Federal JHP for SD and have never had a malfunction with it and wierd enough I found Federal Ammo for target shooting at walleyworld that I tried out at a great price and have had no malfunctions with it. Since I now only shoot the Federal Ammo for the most part I forget what the other brand I was shooting was, but with the one particuar brand I was getting about 3-6 malfunctions per 50 rounds. Certain Autos like certain ammo, but once you find what your gun likes your golden.

    I carry the LCP in a DeSantis pocket holster, but it primarly works as a backup weapon for my G23. I don't think I would trust it as my primary though. Sometimes while shooting the LCP when the slide return forward I can almost feel it get hung up, it has not failed to load yet, but just don't like that I can feel it hang up. Also, when I put the LCP in my pocket I have to be careful that the holster does not push the slide back at all becuase the slide will stay back about 1/4" and not return forward. I haven't shot the LCR but it is hard to have a malfunction on a revolver.

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    Post LCP? .38 Oh Yea!

    I'll dress with my weapons in mind, so I am able to carry an effective firearm for the purpose I have it intended for. I don't like to go smaller that my Smith & Wesson .38 Airweight. However I do carry an LCP for back to my G30. My LCP always fires but if it becomes dirty the slide will not completely close and has to be pushed forward. Not a huge problem if it happens but definitely not preferable. The only thing I truly like about my LCP is I can walk around with my hand on it(not on the trigger) in my pocket and draw it very quickly, however if some one politely asks for my wallet I can reach back to my IWB holstered G30 and give it to them.

    LCP is always holstered in a leather pocket holster that prints like a wallet. I don't care for the majority of the LCP pocket holsters most of them print to much IMHO.

    LCP Good back up for bigger primary weapon. Dress for Success.:

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    IMO, the LCR is not a pocket gun. It is much larger than the LCP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guns and more View Post
    IMO, the LCR is not a pocket gun. It is much larger than the LCP.
    I agree

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    LCR is a great pocket gun for me, but I'm 6'3 200lbs, never been a huge fan of nut huggers.

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    I had an LCP. I sold it.

    I have an LCR, I've kept it, and pocket carry it in an rkba holster. Don't even own another holster for it. Ruger LCR

    I have an SP101, hammered, and I ain't never sellin' it :) Carry it OWB or IWB in a simply rugged holster.

    I also have a PM9. This Kahr gets carried the most, it's the right size, and packs a punch. I pocket carry it and also IWB it in a high noon.

    If I'm concerned I may be flash-mobbed, I either carry my Glock 23 or stay home.

    If it were me, and I was able to buy just one small, concealabe, easily pocketed gun, I'd buy the Kahr PM-9.

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    Haven't had a LCP but I do have the LCR. I pocket carry it in a Desantis Nemesis. As an earlier poster said, you sometimes can see that I have something in my pocket but since the holster keeps the gun from outlining I believe most people don't notice. I also have a SP101 2.25 hammerless and it definitely is more difficult to pocket carry but I have done it.

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    S&W 442 (or j frame airweight variant). Perfect small light gun for pocket carry. Seems much more compact than the LCR as far as pocket carry.
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