P380 vs LCP

P380 vs LCP

This is a discussion on P380 vs LCP within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have a Kahr P380 and an LCP? If so, which one prints less when pocket carried? I was researching the two and I ...

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Thread: P380 vs LCP

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    P380 vs LCP

    Does anyone have a Kahr P380 and an LCP? If so, which one prints less when pocket carried? I was researching the two and I noticed the Kahr is quite a bit taller as compared to the LCR. The Kahr is 3.9in whereas the LCP is only 3.6 and I think the grip height and smilmness are the two most important factors for pocket carry. Anyone have both and can compare??

    Here are the specs

    P380 3.90 0.75 11.00 6.75 6
    LCP 3.60 0.82 9.40 8.00 6

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    The biggest variables in your question is holsters and what kind of pants you are wearing. I think either gun would be just fine as a pocket gun, but it would take some effort to figure out what holster and pant combo works best for you.
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    I've owned both. The Kahr went away because it became a safe queen. In all honesty, there's little difference in the two as far as how they conceal. As long as you get a good holster and your pockets are big enough to accommodate your rig both go away pretty well.
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    I own both. They print virtually identically in a holster. I would rent or try both and see which one you're more comfortable with and base your decision on that. I usually pocket carry the P380 because I like the trigger much more and it's also rated for +P ammunition.

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    This works really well for me. I think the Kahr is a bit on the heavy side however.
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    As far as pocket holsters go, I use a #6 (with a thumb push-off added) from Jim at www.hiddenholsters.net. Prints like a wallet, PDA, or Smart phone in your pocket.

    While listed as a rear pocket holster, I use it in my front pockets. I sometimes use a safety pin in the bottom of the pocket to adjust the angle of the holster, to keep it from falling forward in the pocket - depending on how the bottom of the pocket is cut.
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