What do you think about new XD-45ACP?

What do you think about new XD-45ACP?

This is a discussion on What do you think about new XD-45ACP? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have an XD-9 service model. I am wanting to sell my Ruger .45 to buy the new xd-45. I was wondering if anyone has ...

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Thread: What do you think about new XD-45ACP?

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    What do you think about new XD-45ACP?

    I have an XD-9 service model. I am wanting to sell my Ruger .45 to buy the new xd-45. I was wondering if anyone has one and if they shoot as well as the other XD models. Also, how they carry?

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    I shot one, feels the same as the rest. I'm not really a fan of the platform. It scores just barely over Glock for me.

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    What do I think?

    Better than Glock.

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    I had one. I now have a Pro Carry. The XD is a fine weapon but I am just partial to 1911s so out the door it went. No hard feelings
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    Do a search and you'll find one or two very comprehensive threads on this gun.

    I know if I was looking I would very likely choose that over Glock - simply because of the extra safety. The capacity is awesome and the only one I handled felt very good in the hand - but I do like fat double stackers
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    I had one in my hand in a gun show and felt much more comfortable for me than my HK USP .45 ACP FS and a buddy's Glock 21.

    I'd buy one if it wasn't that I already had the USP.
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    Thumbs up XD-45 Service Model

    I carry high end 1911's as the norm, but my XD-45 is fast becoming one of the carry pack. It is just so darn easy to shoot and shoot accurately. I really like the 13+1 capacity as well. I have to say....had the XD-45 been my first experience with a handgun....it would probably be the only one I own.....it's that good.
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    Here is the link to the XD talk forum, research there for some opinions. There are many there who have glocks and love both glocks and XD, so you can get some thoughtful balanced opinions.

    I have a xd45acp, i used to have the XD9V10. Personally I prefer the (at the moment) the 9mm, (cheaper ammo) but they are so close in size it is hard to tell the difference. I had a buddy grab my XD45acp last night, he thought I still had the 9mm, they are that close in size. I will say that mine hates wolf ammo, and has no forgiveness with limpwristing. The 45 is MAKE YOUR EARS RING LOUD vs the 9mm loud crack.

    I carried the 9mm and carry the 45 the same way, with a clip draw. The 45 is just a tad thicker. As far as accuracy, its dead nuts the same. Another guy shot the 45 last night, third time he ever shot a pistol (he's an avid duck hunter tho), he hit within a foot of his target at 50 foot distance. And that was just the standard sights, without my red dot on it.

    Given a choice, I would go back to the 9mm, but thats just me thinking about the cost of ammo.


    Hope that helps ya!

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    The XD45 is my carry weapon and my IDPA weapon. I love the way it fits my hand and the performance it delivers. I've ran alot of rounds through it- target and compitition. It's never had any failure and continues to be my favorite pistol. I like it over my sig pistols I own as well. I've always been a 1911 fan so I favor a light trigger pull with each and every shot. So after shooting 1911's, Glocks, and XD's- I find it hard to shoot the double action pistol with a 12pound first shot with a follow up single action shot. I like each trigger pull to be the same with each shot. Whether it be the first or last.

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    I have two XDs, a XD40 4" and the XD45 in 5". Both are great shooters and have so far been 100% reliable.
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    Got to put a mag through a friend's XD45 over the weekend. Nice gun! I have smaller than average hands, and have had problems with double stack .45's. This is the thinest and most comfortable double stack .45 I've ever shot.

    I'll stick to my 1911 for now, but if I were looking for something with a higher capacity, the XD would be at the top of my list.
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    i've had an XD .40 service for about 18 months and picked up a 9mm SC 3-4 months ago. I really love the platform.
    i'm waiting to see if there's an XD .45 SC on the horizon. that'll probably be my next acquisition. i'd also like to pick up a tactical at some point but the SC will come first.
    i've got 2500-3000 rds through the service and 12-1400 through the 9 without a single hiccup.

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    I just got one last week. Like cmidkiff, I have itty bitty hands, so I was pleased that I could get my hand around it like my 1911's (almost, anyway). I'll see how it shoots here before the end of the week (hopefully).

    I'm expecting good things. Reminds me of a Glock with a narrower grip and some neato features (loaded chamber indicator, SAFETY, cocking indicator)

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    I have the XD 45 ACP Service Model.. I love it - shoots great, breaks down easily, shoots accurately, and has additional safety features that give me more peace of mind than a glock. I got about 500 rounds through it now with 0.0 malfunctions! I'm awaiting a MAX-CON V concealment holster from gary but the size should be no problem keeping concealed.

    I spent 4 months researching before I purchased - and decided for the price, there was nothing better... I've been happy ever since!

    Just my .02!!!

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    The new XD looks pretty sweet, though I won't see one in person anytime soon...Springfield's are VERY RARE in the People's Republik of Massachusetts.
    Are you from the Northeast?...Check out:


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