Any feedback on the Tarus PT-111 Millennium Pro?

Any feedback on the Tarus PT-111 Millennium Pro?

This is a discussion on Any feedback on the Tarus PT-111 Millennium Pro? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My fiancee is thinking about getting a PT-111 Millennium Pro for her carry weapon. I don't personally have any experience with Taurus weapons but I ...

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Thread: Any feedback on the Tarus PT-111 Millennium Pro?

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    Arrow Any feedback on the Tarus PT-111 Millennium Pro?

    My fiancee is thinking about getting a PT-111 Millennium Pro for her carry weapon. I don't personally have any experience with Taurus weapons but I noticed the price tag was a little low (don't get me wron, I'm not complaining), but I was wondering if the reflects on the quality of the weapon. Any feedback?

    Thanks in advance

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    Taurus Mil Pro 9mm

    Eddie, I carry a Taurus mil pro 9mm as my primary weapon for now. Mine cost 290.00 + Tax NIB. Not a bad price. The weapon is OK.

    I just sent mine back to Taurus because it was shooting way low. Like @ 3yrds it was 3-6 inches low and at 15yrds it was 12-15 inches low. It could of been all kinds of things but I was not willing to spend the money for range time and different types of ammo. I called Taurus and told them what was happening and they said to send it in. It was not me pulling the weapon down. I can shoot a Kimber Tactical II 4" 45acp and 10 ring it all day. I ran the weapon in a IDPA match several weeks ago and had no FTE's or FTF's. I have about 200+ rounds through it and no problems as of yet. I have only shot WWB 115gr through it so far.

    The other thing I liked about it is, I did not have to twist the weapon to work the controls with my shooting hand.

    Taurus has an excellent warranty/guarantee on thier weapons. Lifetime on the weapon no matter who owns it or how many times it changes owners.
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    I havent had any problems with my pt-111. I have the millennium, not the millennium pro. The pro is supposed to be better than the non-pro. They are good reliable guns in my opinion.

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    The mil-pro seems to be a good weapon lots of people have them and like them. But what turned me off them was taurus does not recomend using +p ammo in them. For that reason I got a springfield xdsc 9mm. Yes it cost a little more and its about the same size as the mil-pro. And its rated for +p per springfield And I love mine. And they come with a pretty nice pakage holster mag loader and carrier and a hi-cap magazine along with the 10 rounder. Sorry to ramble on but just my .02 cents worth good luck with your choice in guns and let us know what you get. Have a great day.


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    I just purchased a Milpro 111 after reading all of the positive feedback. Does anyone know if there's a problem with shooting 124gr+p Gold Dots through this subcompact pistol? I got a deal on these on Gunbroker and they shoot fine in my Beretta 92,

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    I owned one a while back and ended up trading it in for a 1911. Although it is a semi auto- it feels and performs more like a revolver. It has a heavy trigger pull and was also small for my hands. Being it is for your wife- the size will be no factor. It is a good gun with no malfunctions to list. It always went bang when I pulled the trigger. My accuracy wasn't that great for the heavy trigger pull. I am used to the 1911's, Glocks and XD's. If your looking for the safety of a double action trigger with a good capacity pistol then it might fit your needs. The quality is good - just wasn't what I needed for my type of defensive weapon......

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    I only have a taurus .45 mil ( pre pro ) despite all the net posts against it mine has a fine trigger , no frame cracks , and shoots disgustingly where the sights are LOL I cant really speak to the pro re design tho other than to dobut if quality lessoned from mine
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    Have a Mil Pro that I used to carry with all the time. Now I've switched to a 1911. The Mil Pro is fine for CCW but has a real heavy trigger pull.
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    I have a mil pro PT140. I have put about 300 rds through it and it has performed wonderfully. The long trigger pull is a feature so that the trigger wont be accidentally pulled by dropping etc. after the first pull the next ones are really quick and short. Good carry gun hides well. Plus it has the lifetime warranty if anything goes wrong.
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    Overall, my experience with my PT-145 MilPRO has not been that great.

    However, due to the large #s of posts of other users of that and other MilPRO pistols, I still feel comfortable recommending they be considered. They are decent pistols for the money, the workmanship and features are good for what you pay.

    I think the MilPRO series are probably OK for +P use because their catalog states that “all Taurus handguns” are +P rated. However, their manuals do have some related warnings, so IMHO Taurus need to clarify that point. Call them and ask them if shooting +P is a big concern for you.

    You may have trouble finding another decent pistol in the price range you'll see a Taurus. However, if you are able to spend a few more bucks I'm sure you can get a lot of other recommendations too. It all depends on how much you're willing to spend.

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