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Thread: XS Big Dot Sights

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    I have the big dot sights on my baby Para, and the fiber optic on my Glock 23. The big dot seems to acquire the target faster, because it is easier to dot the i than to center the fiber optic sight. At close quarters (5-7 yards), I usually focus on the front sight only, and the rear sight seems to take care of itself (with a lot of practice and muscle memory).
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK Dan View Post
    Point taken, Sir, as with the previous posters who took issue with my glib lil remark--my apologies (and that's why I put "IMHO" behind it). <g>

    Here is my thinking--if you work your grip and your presentation, the sights are AUTOMATICALLY lined up. You don't need a big dot, they'll be on target. It doesn't even take long--a couple of hours over 2-3 eveningsand you'll have it NAILED.

    Okay--Start by establishing a good, correct grip and making that consistent. Put a mark on the rear centerline of the strong hand, then two lines on the thumb/support hand. When you can draw and have those lines lined up every time, you have the grip nailed. Next, close your eyes and come up from low/ready. When you open them, the sights should be lined up. Shift the gun until they are, and repeat. It helps if you squeeze the gun hard when you nail it, sorta burning that grip into your memory. Now add the holster. the sights should be lined up after the draw, AND the lines should be lined up on the thumb and on the center line of the pistol.

    Do that and you won't have to worry about lining up your sights ever again. This is why I said they are a gimmick. More properly phrased, they are a technological answer to a training problem.
    I checked my grip to see if they "lined up" as you described (and they do) but I had never thought about how easy and natural it is. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. By the way I also have the XS sites on my G30 and love them.

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    I'm with pangloss on this one. I tried the big dots for a while but found at close range point shooting was faster, they werent as accurate at distance, and shooting fast around corners was trouble. Warren tactical with the fiber front solved all these problems, and if you are looking for a nuclear option the ameriglo pro operators are a close second
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    I just put a Big Dot Front Sight on my SP 101

    I used to carry a 642. Good gun but I sold it recently and really didn't miss it. I have a Kahr PM9 that filled the niche.

    Recently I got a chance to pick up a SP101 and I love the gun! Took it to the range and fired it the same day I got it. Very accurate. It has been worked on by Jack Weigand. I guess he has retired but he did a great job on this handgun. It is ported. I know that some people don't like porting but I love it. I carried a Magnaported S&W 36 for years. 158 Gr LSWCHP +P loads were very manageable. I fired the hotest .38s I had in the SP 101 and it felt like a .22. I bought a couple of boxes of 125 gr .357s and will try those out. For the most part it will be loaded with Corbon DPX 110 gr .38 or the new Short Barrel loads from Speer.

    I put the Big Dot sights on it because I can see them. Everything that I've ever been taught about shooting says you must concentrate on the front sight. I agree that a good consistent grip can help you hit your target but I absolutely disagree with the idea that a grip can replace a good front sight. You can practice all day and night long on your solid two handed grip. I hope that works for you. The bottom line is you might not have the use of both your hands and you might need a precision shot. The Big Dots will be a God send in that scenario.

    A good lawyer will eat your lunch if you let it be known that you didn't feel that it was necessary to use your sights. I don't know of a training program that would back you up. In the current gun mags there is an advertisement for Big Dots and they are being endorsed by an instructor from Gunsite. Pretty nice praise.

    I shoot 10" steel plates with my carry piece every time I go to the range. With the SP101 I dropped 20 plates in a row double action. I'm a competent but not an awesome shot. This gun is an awesome carry piece. You can tailor the load for just about any situation. It is a little heavy but with a decent holster and belt it is barely noticeable.

    I carried Kahrs for a while but had some reliability issues and decided that I'll stick with the SP 101 and a Colt C.C.O. .45. I carry both of these in IWB holsters of my own design and making.

    They work for me. The Big Dot ROCKS!



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