Pretty good day at the range today, but the prices were a little ridiculous

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Thread: Pretty good day at the range today, but the prices were a little ridiculous

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    Pretty good day at the range today, but the prices were a little ridiculous

    Had a good bit of fun today. Shot my new Kimber Compact some more, and the new S&W 638, and the newest trade, my H&K P7. Only got to shoot one magazine in the Kimber because that's all I took with me. I was going to buy some WWB at the range, right until they wanted $53 for a box!

    I recently replaced the hammer spring in the 638 for a reduced power Wolff spring. Well, sure enough on the last round I had a no joke light strike. The firing pin barely made a dent in the primer. I shot 40 rounds of Blazer just fine, and then loaded up 5 rounds of Hornady CD. On the last round I go my light strike. I tried 5 times to fire the round, but I got nothing but clicks.

    The P7 shoots like a dream. Very accurate, very little recoil. Only complaint is the ever so common heat issue. After 50 rounds in 10 minutes or so, I could no longer hold the gun because of the heat.

    I decided to pack it up after the P7 got too hot because I didn't have anything else to shoot. I guess it's time to load up some more .45 and swap the hammer spring back out in the 638.

    It's going to be tough deciding between the Kimber and the P7 for my EDC.

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    Prices for ammo AT the range ARE usually ridiculous. It's a matter of convenience for some.....just like a $2.19 16oz Mountain Dew at the gas station compared to a $1.25 at the grocery store or vending machine. I never buy ammo at an indoor range, and I collect all of my brass I can find as opposed to letting them have it for reloads or selling it.
    Glad you had a good day at the range. Sure beats a good day at work or even a good day at home wishing you were at the range. Get your WWB ammo at Wal Mart next time and save more, shoot more. Of course if your P7 starts to glow red in the dark, then I would call it quits.

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    I haven't seen .45 that high but i think at the range near my house it is about $40 for non-members.

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    Glad YOU had fun today while I was working! What you just described is why I never deviate from factory specs. I leave all my stuff stock, mechanically that is.

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    Congratulations on a good range day.

    The P7 is a fine sidearm. I'm a fan of HK products.

    But $53 for a box of ammo ? That's completely unacceptable.

    Maybe you should consider joining a private gun club.
    "Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less".
    General Robert E. Lee

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    Our outdoor range used to carry ammo and sold it at close to Wal Mart prices. It got to be to much of a hassle so they stopped. My indoor range has plenty of ammo for sale but I always carry my own - buy bulk and save.
    Its a shame that youth is wasted on the young.

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    I am aware that it can be like that, but it is still hard to believe that they dare to charge $53 for a WWB box .
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    How do you like your Kimber? I just bought a 3" Raptor and have only had the chance to fire a few rounds through it. One thing I have learned with short barrel 45's, 185gr shoot a lot carry a lot, 230 gr shoot little carry alot. What kind of holster do you use>

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    I priced ammo at the range and had the same experience. I have a nice store near me that sells it cheaper than even Wal-Mart and I try to buy it there and take it to the range with me. I can get Blazer 230 grain for 13.99 a box of 50.

    I shoot a Kimber Pro Carry II and love it, it disappears into my Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe
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