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Should I buy a Ruger LCP .380?

This is a discussion on Should I buy a Ruger LCP .380? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My LCP shoots well,and I can carry all day long very easily....

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Thread: Should I buy a Ruger LCP .380?

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    My LCP shoots well,and I can carry all day long very easily.

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    The Ruger LCP is a reliable, accurate, lightweight, deep concealment pocket gun which will serve you well and likely not disappoint you! I've had mine for over a year and bought my wife one last Valentine's day.

    The caliber is what most people consider the low end of the spectrum for a reliable fight stopper and many won't even consider it. However, the .380 caliber has made great improvement with some of the modern defensive loads manufactured today over what was available just 10 years ago. Still, both my wife and I acquired them for Back-Up guns and neither one of us carry it as our primary defensive guns.

    The size and weight of the gun makes it such that if you own one, there's really no excuse not to have it on you at all times. In that role, it's perfect. There's no saying "it's too big or too heavy to carry", which is a common reason people find them self only carrying part time. Their regular gun becomes too burdensome to carry and they frequently will go without then put up with the discomfort or hassle of carrying a larger, more potent fight stopper.

    With somewhere close to 1,000 rounds total, of at least 4 or 5 different ammo brands, types and bullet weights, my gun has functioned flawlessly, 100% of the time. My wife's gun has also functioned flawlessly with a somewhere around 350-400 round count. Not everyone has had that kind of performance, but from what I've heard, a vast majority of folks do.

    Still, it is something I would put in the category of a gun which should be carried a lot and shot sparingly. While I have close to 1,000 rounds through mine without a hick-up, it is not a full size powerhouse gun. It's a mouse gun with a polymer frame and small parts. The barrel appears to have a thinner wall steel as compared to the Kel-Tec P3AT. I don't think it's a gun designed to just eat 10,000 rounds and not have problems. I think I'm probably well overdue in replacing the recoil spring and will probably do so this winter with something from Wolff if they make them for the LCP. (I haven't checked yet) Shoot it often enough to master it, control the recoil and keep in tune with it, which should be easily accomplished by shooting 50 rounds per session. For days you want to burn ammo and just have a day of blasting, shoot something else.

    Because of it's teeny tiny size, with a sharp little recoil, I find it to be more accurate shooting it rapid fire at about one round per second as opposed to slow, carefully aimed and deliberate fire when you are concentrating hard. It will tend to want to climb out of your hand when shooting in that fashion. In rapid fire, I find that if I get a decent two hand grip, I can consistently make a 12 oz Styrofoam coffee cup dance around on the ground shooting it on the move at about 12-15 feet firing at about 1 round per second or slightly faster. Because of the sharp recoil, in rapid fire, it still feels like it wants to climb out of your hand, however it doesn't. I've always been able to manage a decent grip on it. Obviously the size of your hands will make a significant difference. I wear a size medium glove and occasionally a large glove depending on how they are sized. I also have short fingers. I have no problem handling the recoil and do not find it particularly uncomfortable and certainly not uncontrollable.

    My wife's first defensive gun was an old AMT Back-Up in .380 she received as a gift years ago, which is a very similarly sized pistol so she has no problems shooting the Ruger LCP or finds the recoil unmanageable. She now carries a Ruger SP-101 .38 spl as her primary defensive gun, but the little Ruger LCP goes with her everywhere as her BUG.

    If you acquire one, and then find it's not for you, the demand is such that you'll have absolutely no problem trading it in or selling it to someone who wants one. As far as I'm concerned they are great little guns and you'll be glad you got it.
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    i recently bought an LCP, really like it..mine has been 100% reliable,no malfunctions so far..

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    I have one with the CT laser and like it a lot. It is what it is, a close range deterrent.

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    I don't think you would have to worry too much about getting 'old stock'. From what I have seen and looked around at, since I got mine in July 2009 (and before that probably), the LCP pretty much goes out the door as fast as they get them in.

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    Thanks a lot guys for all the great info,it just so happens my local shop has a used like brand new LCP serial # prefix 373 which is past all the recalls and is current production. The best part is they only want $200 OTD for it. I'm friends with the owner so it has my name on it and I'll be picking her up next week on pay day and will also pick up a spare magazine and a crimson trace laser guard for it. I cant wait I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas
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    For the money, you won't beat it. I prefer my Sig 238. Also consider a Seecamp.

    The Sig is fun to shoot, the others aren't. All will go in a pocket, the Seecamp is top quality, and top price to match.

    So, if money is a factor, get the LCP, people love them. (I'd skip the Kel-Tec as it's a bit rough in the finish compared to the LCP.)

    Oops, you chose. An LCP for $200? I'd be all over that.

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    $200 otd...congrats on getting a great deal.
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    I have a LCP and I am considering another just for sake of having another one. Mine has been flawless. Bought it, cleaned it and done the fluff and buff on the feed ramp took it out and shot the little bugger. First rounds were Winchester round nose for break-in and not a single issue.
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    I'd say go for it. I have one on my short list.
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    yes get one. i love mine, ive had no problems with it and can say nothing but good things a bout it. I do not have the laser but was considering it also, may still get it when the money is available. you wont be disappointed.

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    Mine performs well out of box. Go ahead and buy it.
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