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Thread: First Glock

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    Coltman is on to something, I like Glocks but I've come to love the M&P's they have a better feel IMO, chech out their "Pro Series" has the better trigger, night sights if you change your mind. Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    Unless you want a high capacity such as the G-30 I would suggest the G-36 . That is going to be my next Glock.
    I carry my G-36 a lot. It's one of my favorites.
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    I say get the Glock 23. If you don't mind getting a new round. If you don't want to get a new round, the Glock 30SF should do you good.
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    Glock 30 is a great gun, but for me it was a bit of a brick to carry. I had the 30 and 36, and the 36 carries so much more comfortably. I eventually ended up selling the G30. I'd never sell the 36 and I knew that the first time I carried it! I don't know if the pictures show it well enough, but the feel is very different:


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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    Glock 29SF and a bunch of G20 mags
    Dito love my g29 and g20, both handle the recoil of the 10mm very well.
    G20 / G29

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    I like .45 ACP...but I prefer that subsonic platform to be large with a large G21SF.

    For carry....I like the G26. 10 + 1 capability. I fire it accurately and zip muzzle flip...easy to stay on target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GM View Post
    The G-30 is a very good firearm, but be aware that it is like a 2x4 . Did you consider the G-36?

    And G-30 accurate as a full size 1911? Perhaps if you are talking about a very low end 1911
    Easily as accurate as a 1911. It is the shooter that makes it accurate.

    Don't forget more reliable as well.

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    Glock 23. That's my favorite. I highly suggest it or the 19.
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    In my mind Glock is synonymous with 9mm handgun. I think that is where Glock has achieved perfection. Either way my advice is try a Glock in 9mm even with your XDs. It is a great gun and you may end up getting rid of your XDs. I also like the Glock in .45 ACP but I have little experience with them other than just messing around with my friends Glock 21.

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    I think the G36 stands out from the other Glocks... just something special about that one!

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    Go with a G29 or G30. Can't go wrong with a .45 or 10mm
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    Quote Originally Posted by nevnut View Post
    I love my g30sf, and yes it is very accurate. Shot the same pattern out of the box as I do with my XD45Tactical. And its really not much bigger than the 36. I couldn't see sacrificing 4 bullets for 0.14 inch of width.
    I'll second that! The G30sf is rapidly becomimg my EDC. (Even over my G19!)

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    I have two glocks :17 and 26.I used an extension on the 26 so I can use glock 17 magazines on it.It makes the 26 about the same size as the 19 which I
    find small.If I was going to buy another glock it would be the 34 which is another 9mm .It's bigger than the 17. I have a S&W 99 in 45 as that 's the trigger the first time you pull the trigger it's a long pull,the following shot you can set it so it's a hair trigger! After a little bit of practice you can become rel proficenant with this handgun.I got it for a Christmas present.I wrote down the model and caliber that I wanted.The next year I did the same thing and got a Springfield 1911 loaded hicap which means this baby can spit out 13+1 has a skeleton trigger,night sites and bunch of internal stuff I have to look at but those are my choices for 45 carry.

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    I carry a G30 or G29SF.They are both fine carry guns IWB.I like them both so much that I have a hard time deciding what one to carry.But the G29SF is such a power house in such a small package that I would choose it.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    There are so many Glocks to choose from. I carry a G32 or a G19 EDC the 32 is on the 19 platform but a .357sig. I just found a G34 OD a couple days ago and grabbed a G17 . But i hear nothing but good reviews from G30sf and G36 owners and how good these shoot amazes me. My Armorer carries a G36 he loves it. But looking around is fun, good luck on your new glock

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