How many guns do you / have you carried?

How many guns do you / have you carried?

This is a discussion on How many guns do you / have you carried? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just for fun,lets see how this turns out.Let everyone know if you normally carry multiple firearms,and how many have you carried at one time before? ...

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Thread: How many guns do you / have you carried?

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    How many guns do you / have you carried?

    Just for fun,lets see how this turns out.Let everyone know if you normally carry multiple firearms,and how many have you carried at one time before? Why not try it out and see how many you can fit on your person.Doesnt matter if its open or concealed.

    Im not that impressive with a 1911,2 extra magazines,Smith .500 4" barrel and a pouch full of .50 magnums.It will be interesting to hear/see how it turns out for those of you have several handguns.

    Oh,and it has to be in a holster.No mini ARs or anything so.

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    I carry two and have carried 3 all concealed

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    Two........ see below signature.
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    One at a time---------------------- 14

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    I carry once my xdm 40 at 12 o'clock and my glock 23 at 8 o'clock
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    When I was working at a job that required me to be armed, I carried a Browning Hi Power 9mm in an OWB holster and a Walther TPH .22lr in my back pocket. There were no good small guns in those days---now I would carry one of my HK USP or P2000 in 9mm along with a Kahr CW9 or my Walther PPS 9mm. We also had several .38 Special revolvers scattered about the room in concealed locations for grab and shoot situations---this was a gunstore.

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    1st boring reply...1 GLOCK 19 in a CBST. I'm trying to step up to carrying an extra magazine before I go to a BUG.
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    I carry one... see my siggy. \/
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    Usually, just my Glock-36, or a 26.
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    It's about a 50-50 split these days between the G19 or the TLE with a P-32 in left front pocket, so that's 2. I don't think I've ever actually left the house with more than 2 on me.
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    2nd boring reply...Glock 19 at about 3 o'clock in a FIST #1A. I carry an extra mag though, usually either in a jacket or left front jeans or cargo pocket.

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    Always my LCP in the front right pocket. Dress permitting the LCP and my SR9c IWB 3 o'clock.

    One spare mag for each.

    Never carried more than 2.

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    Not to knock anyone but unless its 'just for fun', for a civie to carry more than two handguns on their person while going about their sedate, ho-hum day kind of edges into crazyville to me.

    If I was in the gunstore talking to some carpet salesman or store clerk type who's telling me how he cc's three or four glocks, 'cause yah never know' I would probably jokingly converse back, but in my head I would hear the Dr. Evil voice go 'riiiiiiiiiiiiight....'

    Just my opinion tho', crazy is what makes America great!

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    Glock 26 in a Smartcarry, plus a LCP in my left pocket as a secondary in a HiddenHolsters pocket holster. If I'm on duty, I'll carry spare mags for both, otherwise my LCP is my "spare mag" most times.

    At times, I may carry two LCPs instead...if Ruger can get my other LCP working right.

    I've never carried more than two, and don't intend to change that. If I need more than two handguns, I should be carrying a long gun...or better yet, I should not be there in the first place!
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    S&W M&P40c or 45c at 3:30.
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