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Do you carry on how you feel?

This is a discussion on Do you carry on how you feel? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Some times my mood does change what I would carry.Like when yesturday I was thinking about the 1980's and I carried my 1911 and my ...

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Thread: Do you carry on how you feel?

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    Some times my mood does change what I would carry.Like when yesturday I was thinking about the 1980's and I carried my 1911 and my Charter Arms Bulldog.But by 6:00 I had to go back to my G30 and P3AT because the Colt and Bulldog got to heavy.It is nice to just be in the mood even if it only last 13 Hours.
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    It’s always nice to have options to blend with your wardrobe, weather and health. I’m already handicapped in that I often travel 10-miles to town and I visit the military base. As such, I’m unarmed about 40-percent of the time. Anyway, mood also factors in with me, and I sometimes forgo the task for short walks with the dogs.
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    If I'm feeling lazy I'll just put the snubbie in my pocket.

    Normally I'll carry my PPS in an MTAC

    If I'm going to be outside in a coat or concealment isn't an issue I'll sometimes carry my SW5943 in a Paddle Holster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    What I carry is generally dictated by what I am wearing more so then how I am feeling on any particular day. How I feel generally does not factor into the equation.
    +1 the only constant is the LCP is with me every time I'm out, and most times when I'm not....
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    I don't want to answer; I'm in a bad mood

    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

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    Moods are for loveplay, dancing and other such nonsense. They do not have a place in a surival mindset.

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    I carry because I should no matter how I feel. Usually do not carry to Church on Sunday, but that has nothing to do with mood or how I feel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    What I carry is generally dictated by what I am wearing more so then how I am feeling on any particular day. How I feel generally does not factor into the equation.
    Same here....
    There ya go........

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    I carry based on where I'll be working at a given time. Office days, LCP. Field work, 637 or 442 with extra ammo.
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    Concealed Carry is my default mode.

    I don't have to "feel" like carrying, and generally carry the same gun(s) for a year or so before changing platforms. This year it's a 1911 and a J-Frame. If, for whatever reason, I only carry one then it will be the 1911. I will make a change on Janurary 01. 2011 for one month, due to a commitment I have. In that case it will be a month long carry of a Revolver for educational purposes.

    I'm sort of cheating, because I'm familiar with revolvers, and have carried them for years. The thing is, I'll carry three, but if limited, will resort to two. What I carry is not generally influenced by mood, where I'm going, or time of day. I just carry the same gun(s) all the time and make allowances for it.


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    My carry depends on what I'm wearing. I prefer my S&W CS45 and carry it if appropriately dressed to conceal it. If can't carry that then I go with my S&W 642 Pocket carry. I don't go by my mood and I ALWAYS carry.
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    Here's just an inkling of how I do with CC. Posted reply in another thread....just merely leave the caliber out of it:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    I really like the 40S&W for what it is. As for CC, it's what I started with (G27). For me personally, the round doesn't actually 'replace' anything else, and it's not really a compromise for me between anything else (I do 9mm and 45acp as well). It just seems to simply work better for me all around. I'm more accurate with the 40S&W cartridge, and I'm used to the feel with the Glocks of course. When things work reason to change. We'll leave any brand of pistol out of the mix, and focus on the caliber. When I carry one of my 40S&W pistols, it's a more confident day, and I actually think I'm more relaxed, outgoing, and cheerful with one tucked in. Can't explain really. The 9mm is one for business days, with something on my mind, and tasks to do and get done. The 45acp is more one for the somber days.....the cold, rainy, or snowy days........maybe deep thought days, or days I wish to contemplate life and somewhat unsociable.
    One of these days, I'll narrow things down. Not that I'm actually keeping statistics, but it's what I feel. I also think that what you carry on any given day portrays your mood and your demeanor that can be sensed by others. Not to say your chosen pistol or caliber for the day is like your choice of after shave or cologne (sorry ladies...not sure how that fits in on your end), but when you've been carrying for a while, you'll notice certain things like this. Call it fully integrated, or completely involved. Like I've said many times.......CC should change your life, and in many ways. Once it's all wrapped up into one package, we shouldn't become complacent although it becomes more natural. This is the point when the mind starts to gather more information from the environment as you focus less and less on your unnatural appendage and more on how the outside world views you, and how you react or your demeanor. Carrying a gun shouldn't necessarily mean changing your personality, even thought it demands more responsibility. For what it's worth from my point of view.
    To sum it all up......I think any day with the 40S&W is a good day, a happy day, a smiling day, and a warm feeling day. 40 is a good number for me. Everyone else has to figure things out themselves. I love my 40's!

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    I find myself to be more of a creature of habit. I'm comfortable in my jeans, my boots and with my 1911 on my hip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunney View Post
    Moods are for loveplay, dancing and other such nonsense. They do not have a place in a surival mindset.
    +1. My carrying at all times (I simply don't go where it's illegal) is based on logic, not on feelings or beliefs. The potential for physical threats exists; armed response is a rational option.

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    Occasionally, yes, but only because let's say my stomach isn't doing that great... the extra pressure of my less than ideal carry setup (tighter belt, tighter pressure from the gun/holster itself, etc) can make it a lot worse, so on those days, it can change.

    The other times, there are temptations not to... but then I think about how I could never forgive myself if I failed to carry and something happened.

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