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Do you carry on how you feel?

This is a discussion on Do you carry on how you feel? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My EDC is Glock 27 carried either IWB or pocket carried depending on my dress. A Ruger LCP is always in my weakside pocket from ...

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Thread: Do you carry on how you feel?

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    My EDC is Glock 27 carried either IWB or pocket carried depending on my dress. A Ruger LCP is always in my weakside pocket from the time I get dressed until I go to bed.
    If the moons are in proper alignment I will sometimes substitute my G27 for a Glock 30SF or a Glock 34 both carried IWB. If I'm on the street or in my shop, a Glock is on me.

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    My mood is about the same all the time.

    Now my wardrobe, that is a moving target and is all over the place. And the weather here, oy, it is a changing all the time too.

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    Mood has little to do with it. Wardrobe on the other hand, if I can ware a loose fitting shirt at the office I will carry the G29, but business casual sometimes means a tucked shirt with slacks and even the G29 bulge is too visible for work. At that point it is just a LCP in the pocket holster. But in the winter or God forsake I'm wearing a suit, its the G20!
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    I would say I what I carry varies more by where I'm going then my mood. If I'm going to be out for an extended period of time I will typically carry my 1911. If I'm running out on a quick errand, I will slip on my Rossi .357 snubby. If I'm out walking the dog I'll slip the Bersa .380 inside my belt and head out the door. It doesn't really have much to do with my mood.
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    I normally carry a revolver, but sometimes I carry a 1911 for a change of pace.
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    I usually always carry the same gun in the same position although I occasionaly I feel like Jesse James and want to carry a couple six guns under my coat. lol

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    I would say I what I carry varies more by where I'm going then my mood.
    Same here. Before leaving the house I make selections based on destination and likelihood of necessity. In fact, it's almost like I've got a personal 1-10 scale, and I prepare myself based on how I score the outing. For a morning trip to the supermarket to get coffee, I might bring a Ti Lite. Maybe not. For a trip to the dojo, which is in a bad part of town, I'll CC a 9mm.

    There is a kind of thinking that one should arm to the max at all times, in all climes, because you never know when or where danger will strike and you should be ready for anything, always. I do not fault nor gainsay such a policy. On the other hand, I reserve the right to put on jeans and t-shirt and mow my lawn without need of a .357 loadout - I'm just sayin'.
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    I always carry something, but my mood will dictate whether I carry one or two sidearms. Listening to what's "going on" in my inner-city neighborhood on the police scanner significantly impacts my "mood."
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    For years its been my G27 every day. I can't say why but two weeks ago I pulled out my 2.5" S&W Nightguard in .44 spec. and its now my companion.

    My only conclusion is the S&W, Colt Trooper and Kimber Pro have personalities that, at times, fill some kind of need...?

    The Glock and H&K are simply efficient automatons that almost operate on their own with a totally cold "check the box".
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    Do you carry on how you feel?
    Yes. Sometimes. I own both revolvers and autoloaders and my mood sometimes determines which I'll carry on a given day. Further, although I don't really care much for the airweights I must admit that some days I just don't feel like strapping on a heavy gun and on those days a J frame S&W feels just right.
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    Attire and activity play the major roll for me, mood is not a part of the equation . I carry either an XD .45 or a 5" 1911. I have IWB and OWB holsters for both. If I'm having a particularly painful day, I may change my attire to accommodate inside or outside carry. Just my opinion, but carrying for defense is prudent and part of my day to day mindset. I choose to carry the firearms I'm most accurate and comfortable with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlockJS View Post
    It has come to my attention that how a person feels dictates how and what is carried out the door for CCW.
    "Feelings" have nothing to do with what I carry. I always carry the most gun the clothes will conceal. Period. Sometimes that's a G19 (which is the carry as I type this). Sometimes it's a G26. When I can't hide anything bigger it's the LCP.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GlockJS View Post
    It has come to my attention that how a person feels dictates how and what is carried out the door for CCW.

    I'm intrested in what and how folks out there carry when these moods arise.
    (Ram Rod, you opened the door on this one)

    When I'm feeeling real loose and free, I usually have my Kel Tec PF9 on my waist at 3 o'clock cause its light. But when I'm feeling a somber wind, the Glock 26 with a G19 mag in it is always by my side.
    If I feel happy, a Glock 19 & 2 spare mags on body, Knives, Surefire, 1 extra mag in the coat and 3 mags in the car.

    If I feel sad, the same.

    If I feel like something is going to happen, the same, plus a IIa vest and an AR with 5 spare P-Mags.

    Carrying on how you "feel" is the most idiotic thing I've heard of in a long time. Trouble doesn't care how you feel.

    Trouble cares how you are going to respond to it.

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    Feelings, hhhhmmmm, those are the things my wife says I dont have. I carry all the time and the only question is IWB or OWB and its always the G-19. Unless it deer season and I am in the field, then its the .44 to stay within the regs for hunting.

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    If I feel cold, I'll carry a 1911 or Springfield XD45 Tactical with spare mags under a coat.

    If I feel hot, I'll carry a 1911 or Springfied XD45 Tactical with spare mags under a loose shirt or lightweight vest.

    If I feel really, really hot, I'll carry a 1911 or Springfield XD45 Tactical with spare mags under a loose tank top.

    If I don't feel like carrying a gun, I'll carry a Kahr PM40.

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