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Do you carry on how you feel?

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Thread: Do you carry on how you feel?

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    Mood only dictates how many I carry.
    To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women

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    Some days it's the small and discreet G30, and some days it's the G21sf with TWL attached.

    Most days though, it's the 1911.

    Change it up to keep it interesting.

    Some day, I'll CC my Stoeger Coach gun...

    That which does not kill us leaves us broken and bleeding...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    What I carry is generally dictated by what I am wearing more so then how I am feeling on any particular day. How I feel generally does not factor into the equation.
    +2 If I'm wearing cargo shorts and a tee shirt it's my S&W342 in strong side pocket. If it's cool enough to wear a shirt or jacket I go for my G-30SF in a Remora at 3:00 weak side so I can cross draw. The 342 still goes in the pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GM View Post
    I choose CCW depending on the attire. I do not see how the way I feel could dictate how and what I carry.
    I only carry a 1911. It makes no difference "how I feel." I have to consider my clothing, but I carry a 5" on occasion, a 4" often, a 3" 1911 most often, and when the heat is intolerable, I have a Mustang .380. With the exception of the .380, I only carry a 1911 in Condition one and my carry depends on the way I am dressed. There are so many good pistols available, but I can't justify carrying any but the same type and style. 1911's are my type and style. (Beware the man with one gun. He knows how to shoot it.)

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    I would like to carry my 2.25" SP-101 as a backup to the 3" .45 ACP, but it's just too much weight on the belt; so I carry a spare magazine instead. Love to shoot that SP-101 though.

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    I start carrying when I dress in the morning and stop when I undress when I go to bed, at which time it goes on the night stand. I am not paranoid, just prudent as bmcgilvray stated earlier.

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    I let the terrain, situation, and weather decide.

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    A very intresting gambit of responses.

    So to not be completely misunderstood, the question was not soley based on just "feelings" like sad or glad. But more like "gut feeling", pulling out the .357 or .45 instead of the 38 or 9.

    My "somber" feeling makes me want to have more ammo(hense the G26 with G19 mag in it) then what I would normally have. Since I don't have a .45 yet, I can't step up caliber but I can step up round count.
    Glock 26 9mm, Ruger LCR .357mag

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    Absolutely NOT! If I'm vertical and dressed, I'm packing.

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    For me, I carry two ways (pocket & IWB)

    If the mood/agenda of the day calls for a business suit, then I pocket carry the LCR (typing this post waiting for my daughter's school holiday program to begin…LCR in front suit pocket).

    If the mood/agenda of the day calls for relaxed attire (button down shirt untucked), then it's the .45C IWB with extra mag.

    Unfortunately, my daily travels don't call for me to tote a BUG. It's work, home, & family. To date, I have yet to get that "spidey sense tingle" or inner voice telling me to gear up and go commando style (3 guns & 100 rounds)!!!

    In the end…DO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunney View Post
    Moods are for loveplay, dancing and other such nonsense. They do not have a place in a surival mindset.
    Exactly.Like my dad used to say,'I don't care if you feel like it,do it anyway'

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    Yes. If I feel awake, I carry 2 .45s.

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    I am fine with one gun. Usually a 9mm Glock. It is usually a 19 or a 16. But when I can I will carry the 17 just because. I always carry 2 Glock 17 mags for my reload. Helps balance the weight of the gun.

    There is a guy on Myspace who posted about carrying 6 Glocks all of the time in addition to other accesorries.

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    What I carry is only determined by were I'm going.
    Sig Sauer: P938 9mm Smith and Wesson: Sigma SW9VE 9mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toorop View Post
    There is a guy on Myspace who posted about carrying 6 Glocks all of the time in addition to other accesorries.
    Him I would worry about.

    I have a 642 and a colt mustang. My clothing varies as to where I am going and what I will be doing there.
    Both are carried either IWB (preffered) of pocket with uncle mike holsters. If I have shorts, or lightweight cloths on, the Colt is on me. If I can conceal it, the 642 goes.
    A few weeks ago we boated to St. Augustine and spent 3 days there. I had the 642 IWB and jean cutoff shorts on. Very concealed and available.
    If I was wearing walking shorts, then the Colt.
    However, I do not feel undergunned with either weapon.
    I do not carry a BUG. Just a tactical folding knife, and/or pepper spray.

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