45 colt from the judge

45 colt from the judge

This is a discussion on 45 colt from the judge within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; can someone give the accuracy of the 45 colt through this gun? I would like to know before I purchase one if it is really ...

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Thread: 45 colt from the judge

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    45 colt from the judge

    can someone give the accuracy of the 45 colt through this gun? I would like to know before I purchase one if it is really a viable option to use in the gun or if they are only good with the shotgun shells.

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    Gun tests magazine did a test on the Judge. It's neither fish nor fowl; shot patterns past bad-breath distance were unimpressive, and accuracy with the .45 Colt was mediocre at best, compared to 'dedicated' .45s.

    Just my opinion, but I think there are far better defense options.
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    Accuracy is hampered by the fact that The Judge has a very short barrel.
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    I consider it a nice house gun, that's it. Alot better options out there for CC protection.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Used to have a 2" barrel public defender and at 7 yards it held a 5" pattern at 15 yards it was a pie pan.
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    The judge was developed or at least originally marketed as a carjack defense. The shot pattern is supposed to spread and lose velocity quickly to limit collateral damage.
    IMHO it is close to worthless for carry and only of limited value as a HD tool.
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    For the "someone's in the room with you" scenerio and you're not a crack shot (unsteady hands, just a lousy shooter who wants close-up protection, etc.), it has its usefulness. I don't feel it has much purpose beyond that. While more handy than a short-barreled shotgun, its not close in effectiveness with either the shotshells or .45.
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    Great snake gun if you farm or ranch out west!

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    I do not know what the intended use is, but I agree when other members say that there are better options for defense.
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    As already stated, it makes a good snake and rodent gun for the farm or ranch.

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    as already stated, it is perfect for its intended purpose. self defense up close and personal, where most self defense scenarios will occur. excellent defense in the car. fun shooting gun. not for limp wrists. it kicks hard.

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    I have, and sometimes carry, a Judge Polymer Public Defender.
    This is a video I shot of some load testing I did.

    Shooting Taurus Public Defender Polymer - YouTube

    I had no problem with accuracy from the 45 Colt, and get good patterns with the Federal OOO buck and Winchester PDX1 out to about 15 yards.
    The only issue with it is Taurus’s mediocre quality and crappy customer service. I cracked the frame on my first one and it took them 9 weeks (and an incredible amount of hassle) to replace it.

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    Trouble is, rodents die good when hit with .22s, .38s etc. and a handy shovel, rock, or stick takes out snakes if one doesn't want to waste a .22 or .38 cartridge. I wouldn't chose a Judge or Governor for any sort of field use. I wouldn't choose either of the ungainly .410 pistols for home defense duty either and wouldn't afflict my wife with one. Guess why there isn't a .410 revolver around here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubs View Post
    Accuracy is hampered by the fact that The Judge has a very short barrel.
    Barrel length has nothing to do with mechanical accuracy. The long cylinder used to allow 410 loads make the cylinder too long for the 45 Colt causing excessive jump from it through the forcing cone.

    It's another attempt to create income by coming up with something that is not needed, but you can convince some people of anything.
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    Yup..all of the above...odd-ball pistol...but U be the judge...pun intended
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