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This is a discussion on Small 9mm's within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have owned a Taurus PT709 since July 2009. The relationship was kind of rocky at first.... multiple FTEs. I wanted to like the pistol, ...

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Thread: Small 9mm's

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    I have owned a Taurus PT709 since July 2009. The relationship was kind of rocky at first.... multiple FTEs. I wanted to like the pistol, I like the feel, the size, the finish, as a CCW. But I found the FTE issue very disconcerting, so much so, that I sent it to Taurus for repair. I suspect many have heard the horror stories of Taurus customer service.... I guess I was lucky. They had the pistol back to me within 2 weeks, after they had replaced the ejector. Since that time, I have put over 400 rounds downrange through it, different ammo manufacturers, different weights, etc.... with no problems. I believe one posting mentioned the need to keep it clean, I would agree with that. My faith in depending on it as a CCW is slowly being restored.

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    I would just like to throw out my opinion on carry guns for a women. I think a .380 is ideal for a women to carry in her purse or jeans pocket and with the proper ammo it is a very good self defense weapon. The main thing with these small guns is that they must be broken in until they become totally reliable even if you have to send them back to the mfg. I carry one in my Pocket on occasions where I must have deep concealment. The .380 ammo has come a long way in the last 10 years and has proven to be good self defense round. I carry the Corbon Power Ball in my Taurus TCP and Kel-Tec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneshot View Post
    I would re-consider the Ruger SR9c.

    It has NOT gotten a bad review.

    It is supposed to have a very nice trigger.

    I have a M&P9c, and a Kel Tec p-11.
    M&P is very nice.
    She will not like the Kel Tec. Its not a range gun at all.

    For the money I would go for the Ruger.
    WAY better Quality for around the same amt. of money, than the Taurus.
    WAY less expensive than the Kahrs, and maybe even better in the quality dept.
    Way lighter than the 3913.
    And less expensive than these: Walther PPS, Walther P99c, Beretta Px4 Storm Sub-Compact, Heckler & Koch P2000sk

    I will also echo what the others have said; HAVE HER hold and shoot as many of these at a range that rents them, or a friend who may have one.
    Let her decide what kicks more, what she shoots better, and what feels better
    Quote Originally Posted by taseal View Post
    Here is where the problem is... are you buying her a range gun, or a self defense gun? It's stupid to get a small tiny gun if it's for range shooting. get her a regular pistol that won't kick much.

    This is where most people have the problem with the PF9. they complain after 100 rounds, their hands hurt... well maybe you are using it for the wrpong purpose? maybe you need to go practice once a month with 50 rounds if it hurts ur hands that much. and leave range/accuracy shooting to full size pistols
    She must pick what type of purpose she wants it for. My S.O. of 4 years who mind you wasn't a gun person until she started shooting with me said to me the other day "I want a range gun and a carry gun one of each" I said well why not have both in one gun. She said that would be even better. she sees that the j-frame air-weight is not fun to shoot at the range (it was her first choice of carry) but now she wants to shoot the gun she carries so she comfortable with it while at the range. Even if that means a little bit bigger/heavier of a gun, she understands why. Now she wants a M&P9 compact...
    NRA Certified Rifle/Pistol Instructor

    Accuracy ALWAYS WINS! So carry what you can hit with.

    If you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics stink.

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