Three things I learned today

Three things I learned today

This is a discussion on Three things I learned today within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well guys, I have to say today was a great day, got a lot done at work then headed to the range. Unlike most of ...

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Thread: Three things I learned today

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    Three things I learned today

    Well guys, I have to say today was a great day, got a lot done at work then headed to the range. Unlike most of my trips to the range this was to work out some kinks in my equipment. My main hand guns are both Glocks (a G20 and a G29) as you might imagine they both are typical glocks in that when shooting how they where intended to shoot they are nothing short of ultra reliable and ultra dependable. In the entire time I have owned them I cannot think of a single miss feed, failure to fire, or failure to eject, when operating 100% stock. But there is the rub, I love the 10mm round in every aspect save one....cost. I'm not a reloader and don't intend on becoming one. So that means buying ammo at the not so cheap prices that they tend to charge for 10mm and not having a whole lot of places that carry the 10mm.

    So I decided to get both an 40 S&W barrel for the G20 and a 22LR Conversion kit. Well I ran into problems when I went to try these out the first time (a couple of weeks ago) the 40 S&W would stove pipe about twice a mag, and the 22LR would either, failure to eject, stove pipe or fail to fire all together. I was not a happy camper! Upon my return home, so I examined the issues and came up with possible solutions. The 40 S&W seemed to not quite have enough kick to push the 10mm spring back consistently. My solution was to leave the G20 in the gun safe with the slide locked open for about a week, to loosen up the spring a little (i figured if this didn't work I would see if I could get a spring from another model glock). And as to the 22LR I went to the manufacture's web site and looked to see if they had this problem before, and in fact it wasn't mentioned but it did list a recommended brand and type of 22LR ammo. I then went back and noticed that the 22LR's I had been using (that worked great in my 22LR rifles) where really cheap, and on most of the rounds they where so poorly made that I could easily take the bullet out of the casing with my bare hands.
    So now 2 weeks later, with a slightly looser spring, and some new ammo, I head back to the range.
    And who would have guessed but I ran 50 rounds of 40 cal and 200 rounds of 22 through the gun and only 1 single failure to extract, on a 22. Everything else was perfect!
    If that wasn't enough to make a guy happy, after my range time, I went to a gun store that a friend had suggested I stop by. "Collectors Firearms" on Richmand in Houston. Wow that place is awesome, a bit over priced on some things, but by far the best selection of guns I have seen outside of a gun show, and it is only about 10 min drive from my range!
    G20 / G29

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    It is always satisfying when a plan finally comes together.
    "I do what I do." Cpl 'coach' Bowden, "Southern Comfort".

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