Going to the gun store today

Going to the gun store today

This is a discussion on Going to the gun store today within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I have been thinking of getting a .45 auto for a while so I am going to check out a few. Probably leaning towards ...

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Thread: Going to the gun store today

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    Going to the gun store today

    Well I have been thinking of getting a .45 auto for a while so I am going to check out a few. Probably leaning towards the Glock 36 to go along with my Glock 19 to keep form and function the same.
    I would like to look at some 1911's but since I have never owned one the controls would be a lot different for me. I have read a lot about Kimber and Sigs but they seem to be problems with those with 3" barrels. Comments??????
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    Have fun.

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    I've yet to hear anything bad on SIG's P220 (not their GSR or 1911)....give SIG a go
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    Stick with the Glock-36 plan, I have one as my EDC and absolutely love the gun and its dependability.
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    I'm a 1911 fan. That said, I also sold my EAA .40 in favor of a second 1911 because of the familiarity factor. You already know and trust Glock, you know how it works, its quirks and how to shoot it. Why change? The things go bump in the night, there's a lot to be said for muscle memory. The LAST thing you need to do is to deal with a new platform. Barrel length? I'd go 3.5" +. You won't gain that much by geting a 3" barrel and you might loose something - like control. JMHO.......
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    I have a Sig P220 right now,but am considering going back to Springfield 1911 TRP.Either of those will be good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IWLAFART View Post
    I have read a lot about Kimber and Sigs but they seem to be problems with those with 3" barrels. Comments??????
    I don't believe Sig presently makes a .45 with a 3 inch barrel. I think the shortest barrel is a 3.9 inch barrel on the P245, P220 compact and the P250 compact in .45.
    I have the P245 and it is a fine gun. You might consider Sig's new P250 in .45, which has a 9 round magazine, polymer frame, 6 pound DAO trigger, 26 ounce weight and 3.9 inch barrel. I have read good reviews on the gun, pictured below in a different caliber:

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    I'm jealous!

    By the way, love my G36!
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    FNP-45. 14+1 DA/SA w/ safety & decocker.

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    Don't have one, but if I was shopping for my first.. it would be the Glock 36 or maybe 30.
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    1911's in 45 cal are great. There are so many sizes and mfg.'s you get used to one and you are mostly prepared for all. I like kimber a lot but pricey. I own several Springfield's and by far they are my favorites. The short barrel guns can be a real pain to clean and break down. Going just a bit longer helps without the need for special tools Then there are the variations like the fn 45 tactical and the S&W M&P's. What I really like is you can also get the 1911 in 9mm. This way you can practice for less cost yet still have same general feel and grip.
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    Get the Glock. It will work with any ammo, it will work with the magazines that come with it, it does not need a "break in" period.

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    Carry gun? Range gun? HD gun? All 3? If you have no problem carrying a big 5" 1911 or some other full size .45 (G21, Hk USP, P220), I'd definitely go that route because then it'd be good for all three pruposes. I think it just depends on what you're using it for specifically.

    Otu of my 3 pistols, my Kahr Mk40 is a lousy range gun, but awesome for carry. My G30 does almost everything well. The Hk, is great at the rannge and for HD, but a bit too big to carry (concealed).

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    Stick with your original plan and get the G36.
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    I have a G-19, 23 and 21 and have been looking at a 36 for a while. I came across a really good deal on one that I had shot before and know it's history. There was no way to resist. If you have the chance try out several of the guns you are thinking of including the G-36. For concealed carry in a small powerful package at a resonable price with perfect reliability with any popular .45 defense round you cannot go wrong with a G-36. My $.02.
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