New gun, a taurus wheelie!

New gun, a taurus wheelie!

This is a discussion on New gun, a taurus wheelie! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey all. Ive been reading quite a bit lately, mostly on this forum, posts from people raving about snubbies, the ability to make contact shots, ...

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Thread: New gun, a taurus wheelie!

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    New gun, a taurus wheelie!

    Hey all. Ive been reading quite a bit lately, mostly on this forum, posts from people raving about snubbies, the ability to make contact shots, very reliable, simple, etc...So I started to do some digging and decided I wanted to give on a try. I decided I wanted a concealed hammer and I wanted a .357. My intent will be to carry 38+P I think but I wanted the option to shoot .357 if I wanted to. After factoring in budget and features I like the Taurus 650 and 651 the best (the 651 is only partially shrouded).

    This afternoon I had to some time to kill and some bonus money in my pocket and decided to go to Cheaper Than Dirt. It was simple. I wanted to have a look around at everything, see what the store had to offer, get a hand on the Taurus (if they even had one) and if it felt good in hand, I wanted to buy it. They had the 650 in stock on the shelf. The grips felt nice, the fit and finish seemed decent for a gun in that price range. The salesman was shocked, he said it was his easiest sale of the day. My wife and I both inspected it and liked it so I told him to wrap it up. I had also been eyeing a Smith but it was out of my price range so I didnt ask. If it turns out a snubbie is the gun for me Ill get a nice one later one and use this one as a backup or truck gun.

    Sorry about the pics, I took it with my iphone on the brand new pillow my wife bought for the brand new couch I bought as soon as we left the store. Hope she doesnt see.

    Anyone have any experience with these? It seems Taurus is pretty good as making stuff that LOOKS like others people stuff. Would this be considered a "j frame" size or clone? Are there any other grips or holsters that would be compatible with it if I wanted to upgrade to laser sights at some point? Anyone have any particular ammo they liked it didnt like with it?

    I'm pleased with it, I'm ready to get some range time in with it!

    My other Kahr is a Kimber.

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    I've had their 85 model. I loved it but sold it due to only having 5 rounds and it being my only compact gun. Now since I have a gun that has more rounds, I will get another 85. I also heard that the new models have 6 shots ;)
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    New gun, a taurus wheelie!

    Man, You may be in big trouble. I think I see gun oil on that new pillow.

    The Taurus 650 CIA lightweight is a good seller. Feed it the right ammo and I doubt you will have much problem with it. Because it is light, it has quite a snappy recoil. High pressure of 38SP +P ammo should be experimented with until and if you find something it likes. If not use standard 38sp 125 gr.
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    Congrats on your new pistola, I hope is serves you well.
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    I have the 650 and my wife has the 605. They are good guns. We put Hogue grips on ours; they give much better control than the oem grips. ENJOY!
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    Congrats! I have the 650 SS version and love it. IMO, there's nothing wrong with the Taurus revolvers. They are reasonably priced and the fit and finish is on par with most revolvers out there even at a higher price point. Mine has a few hundred .357 rounds through it and nat a problem to date. I carry it daily along with my LCR as a BUG.

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    My favorite snub loads are the 125gr Federal Nyclad in non+p, anybody's 158gr LSWCHP+P or the Gold Saber 125gr +p, and the Gold Saber 125gr in .357. The Nyclads and the LSWC don't do so good in speedloaders or Tuff Strips, they get beat up bouncing around. The Gold Sabers and the Cor Bon DPX are great for carry as spares, they're built tough and the round GS and pointed DPX feed into the cylinder easily.
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    I've had a few and find them much better than Charter Arms, and seem to be built as well as a Smith, but not as refined. I have been told the latter can be resolved by an action job. To be fair the newer Smiths lack in the trigger smoothness also.

    I think you made a good buy. Enjoy.

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    I have 3 Taurus ( Tauri?) A 651 in stainless, 85 ultra light, and a 94. Taurus gets a lot of sand kicked in it's face from snobs but all of mine have been F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S A S&W will last 150 years. A Taurus, 100. I am pushing 60 so I can live with that.

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    Nice gun! I have the 605 version and love it.
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    Congrats. I hope it works out well for you. I had an 85ULCH that I liked a lot, but it was a problem child so I adopted it out. I have a couple friends who also have the same and they are very happy with theirs.
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    The newer Taurus Revos seem to be much better in quality than they have been in the past. I have a 94, 431, 85 UL, and I just placed an order for a 44ss4 today.

    I replaced the hammer spring in my 85 with a 10lb spring from Wolff, made a world of difference in that trigger.

    They're A-OK in my book.

    Oh, and also have a handful of Smitty Revos too.

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    My wife carries a SS 85 we bought new 20 years ago. After the addition of a Trapper spring kit ($14.00) to get a good double action pull the gun has never given a problem in well over 1,000 rounds. In fact the cylinder face fit is so tight it needs wiped clean after 60-70 rounds or it starts to drag a little.

    The favorite load is Federal standard 125 gr. NyClad's.
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    Looks like you have a great little grab n' go gun!

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    I have had my 605 for about 3 years now and have not had any problems. The gun has at least 1k rounds thru it with about half being 357. Sounds like you got a good deal. Enjoy your new gun!

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