Life Is 2 Short 2 Spend It w/ A Fugly Gun.

This is a discussion on Life Is 2 Short 2 Spend It w/ A Fugly Gun. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I didn't realize that most folk didn't know that folks in Texas have their "Fight'n Guns" and their "BARbque Guns and Leather". BARbque Guns are ...

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Thread: Life Is 2 Short 2 Spend It w/ A Fugly Gun.

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    South of Ol' Tascosa, two miles from water, twenty miles from Hell
    I didn't realize that most folk didn't know that folks in Texas have their "Fight'n Guns" and their "BARbque Guns and Leather".

    BARbque Guns are usually real shiny and have ivory grips that are etched with the owners favorite name, initals, girlfriends name, or just MOM on them. BARbque leather is hand tooled by inmates at the Texas Department of Corrections and cost is always cheap to free for Rangers, DPS and other LEO. Most prized is leather that was worked by folks on Death Row that have been Texicuted for explicitly brutal crimes involving revenge for love gone sour or by crime spree killers.

    Fight'n gun are not as demanding in appearence, but have one iron clad rule. They must work first time, every time and look good when the person who used them in defending the Honor of the State, his life, or the life of innocent persons is photographed by the news media.

    Big knives are also important, but will be discussed at a later time.

    I have bought each of my grandchildren (6 at this time) S&W Model 63s or nickle 34s. Great pistols to learn to shoot on and will be great guns for them to remember me by. I'll also give them a ton of other guns and ammunition when I croak, (if they have an intrest in shooting, etc. So far all of them are shooter, except the 7 month old).
    Plus the knowledge to know how to and when to use them.

    Jungle Work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jungle Work
    I didn't realize that most folk didn't know that folks in Texas have their "Fight'n Guns" and their "BARbque Guns and Leather".

    Jungle Work
    I for one didn't realize it. Sounds like something we need to get started in Virginia.


    "You can get more with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone." - Al Capone

    The second amendment is the reset button of our Constitution.

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    Great article. A bunch of us here in Missouri have BBQ guns.... while not our first or even second carry gun, they're all fancy - I'd rely on mine if I chose to carry it, but a black chrome and nickel 1911 might be a bit much to pack around.....
    I like seeing and reading about special firearms where someone took the time to dress them up. Kind of like working art.

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    While I would love to someday have a fancy BBQ gun, now is not that time. Priorities being what they are and all. However, my stainless snub with rosewood grips looks prettier and prettier each time I shoot it. It must be a combination of constant companionship and my increasing skill with it. I find the beauty present in flawless function.

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    I have the greatest respect for John Taffin and thoroughly enjoy reading everything he puts out. I have reloaded many rounds of 38, 357, 44, 45acp and 45 Colt with data that he has provided. I have 3 45 Colt SAA of newer manufacter that I shoot on a regular basis. These are guns that I would like to have engraved and pass on to my children when the time comes. I'm not done shooting them just yet. Colt Single Actions definitly have style!!!.
    USAF Retired

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