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Like some suggestions from you 3 finger grip wheel-gun(only) packers

This is a discussion on Like some suggestions from you 3 finger grip wheel-gun(only) packers within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sounds like you're asking for a Ruger SP101 with a rubber Hogue grip. Excellent choice. And that Hogue rubber grip really soaks up the recoil ...

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Thread: Like some suggestions from you 3 finger grip wheel-gun(only) packers

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    Sounds like you're asking for a Ruger SP101 with a rubber Hogue grip. Excellent choice. And that Hogue rubber grip really soaks up the recoil from 357 magnum rounds.

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    I would also suggest a Model 19/66 2.5" or Model 13/65 all four in 357. Great shooting guns and love carrying my 66.

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    My snubbie is a older Charter Arms Undercover. It originally had factory three finger wood grips. I replaced them with Charters 2 finger combat grips. They also have a three finger combat grip, but like Pogo 2 said I dont think you lose that much control with the two finger grip. After all how strong is your pinky anyways. In a 2" snub nose the sight radius probably contributes more to lack of accuracy than the grip. Besides if its for concealment/self defense you shouldn't be making 50 yard shots. If it's 50 yards, run, dont shoot. The two finger grips make it easier to conceal. Just my opinion.

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    I thank you all * This info gathering is about getting a gun for the 1st time * So far in 63yrs i haven't needed one, though i've had a couple a few close calls * Maybe the SP101 isn't the ticket because i want ONE "peacemaker" to carry all year-round * So we'd call that a pocket pistol, LCR,638,R9,etc AND got to have a laser grip with my lack of experience PLUS i'm NOT going to spend a lot of time at the range becoming an expert marksman, only what time it takes to get and keep a consistant acceptable close group with 3 or 4 rds, feel secure in handling the gun, and know how she works along with a tear-down, maintenance, and all that stuff * IF there's not a need and i don't go wild i may never buy a 2nd * Last week i was in a gunshop where this clerk/guy keeps a shotgun by the bed, pistol on the nightstand, and several through-out the house so he can reach for one right away * i don't see anything wrong with that and he works at the gunshop so he's really into it too, but that's not me * Maybe i'd get a shotgun for the house plus my EDC and that would do it unless the need changes * i'll drop the 3 fingers only grip to open the field up to find that 1st gun ...............
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    2 1/4" SP101 with Badger boots grips
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    I am able to get my three skinny fingers on a J-snub with boot-style grips, but favor the heftier denser SP101, anyway. I like a bit of heft in a fightin' gun. An SP101 locks into my hand better than a larger weapon, better, in fact, than any weapon I have handled, a nice factor if I ever have to fight at contact range with a gun in my hand. I favor the 3.06" version for belt-level carry, and the 2.25" is good for quite a few alternative carry methods. The 3.06" SP101 seems to balance much like a 4" S&W K-frame in my hands, which enhances pointability. (Not trying to start a point-shooting argument; I want to see my sights before firing, by preference, but a naturally-pointing weapon gives me a head start.) I favor the factory grips on the SP101.

    I do shoot a K-frame better than an SP101, of course, but the difference is much less than the J-versus-K-frame. When I need the compactness, I really like the SP101, whether it is serving as secondary/alternate with a larger weapon, or a first -line weapon itself. Actually, I generally carry two SP101s, if that is the largest weapon I am carrying.

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    I have small hands so I get a pretty solid grip on my 642 boot grips, even with the little finger underneath. My 640, which I OWB carry, has the longer "banana" grips. I fire +P in the heavier 640, so the longer grips help. Firing standard pressure .38 spl in the 642, I find no problem in controlling it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogo2 View Post
    I have a number of snubbies and have gone back and forth on the question of three finger grips vs. two finger boot grips. In the past I have favored the three finger grips, thinking I had a better hold on the gun and liking the more secure feeling it gave me. But I could see the advantages of the two finger boot grips in concealing the gun and minimizing the lenth of the grip.

    One snubby that I have carried and fired a lot is a S&W model 66-3 with 2.5 inch barrel. I used Ahrends three finger grips on it for several years, but recently got some Badger two finger boot grips, as shown below. On the Badgers my little finger rests on the bottom of the grip while the other two fingers rest in the two finger grooves shown. I have shot the gun at the range quite a bit with the Badgers, and decided that there is no loss of accuracy or control of the gun with the boot grips, even shooting magnum ammo. But the Badgers are shorter and enhance concealability in a belt holster.

    I've got an SP101 w/ the Hogue mono grip installed. I'm seriously considering the Badger boot grips primarily for ease of concealment (plus they do look good). I've noticed the Hogue's are a bit trickier to conceal since the grip is bigger and the rubber texture teds to grap at my cover garments. I definitely enjoy shooting the SP101 w/ the Hogues as they make full bore .357 mag rounds very controllable.

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