My First 40S&W... I brought home a XD40SC today

My First 40S&W... I brought home a XD40SC today

This is a discussion on My First 40S&W... I brought home a XD40SC today within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went out to my favorite gun shop today. One of owners told me they just fell into a large 'special purchase' of handguns, so they ...

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Thread: My First 40S&W... I brought home a XD40SC today

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    My First 40S&W... I brought home a XD40SC today

    Went out to my favorite gun shop today. One of owners told me they just fell into a large 'special purchase' of handguns, so they were pricing all of them as holiday season specials.

    I've never owned anything in 40S&W before. So I started looking at the 40's they had and the XD40SC caught my eye. I have a XD45 and really like the ergonomics, so when I picked up the smaller XD, it felt like it was part of my hand so my decision was made... and I brought it home.

    So now, I have my first 40S&W. So here is the obligatory picture.

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    Congrats! I think you'll like the 40S&W.

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    I have that same gun and love it. I am far more accurate with this gun than I am with either my Glock 19 or 26.

    They only thing I have done to mine is add Talon grips and a Pearce pinky extension. I think I have around 800 rounds through mine now without a single malfunction.

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    congrats on the purchase
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    I also have that same gun and carry it daily, it's one of my favorites to carry and shoot,Never had a single problem with it. I think you'll love it.

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    Nice new piece of heat!
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    +1. I've got one just like it and I've been amazed at my ability to be as accurate with this sub compact as my large pistols. I really like the .40s&w round and find it only slightly more snappy than my small 9mms. I just picked up another 9 round mag for mine last week and a single mag pouch. Let us know what you think after a little range time. I'd be interested in your thoughts and observations. I think it is an all around great gun.
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    Congrats on your new carry pistola, may she treat you well!
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    I also daily EDC my SA XD40 SC, I love this gun. I put a Laser Max in mine, but it shoots great, shoots everything I put into it.
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    I'm not a fan of the XD line, but if the price is right and you're happy with it, that's all that matters. Hope you enjoy.

    I'd never shot a .40 or .357 SIG until I tried my son's. I'd read all the reports about how they are "snappier" and "louder" and was a tad apprehensive. Yes, to a certain degree, they are both, but to me not distractingly so. I'd define them more as simply different, more like going from mild range ammo to full power SD loads in any caliber. I think you'll like the .40 just fine.
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    Congrats. I like the XD subcompacts. Just put a bi-tone XD9sc on lay away.
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    I have owned this exact gun for about a year now (stainless slide) and it has worked flawlesly. It is an absolute pleasure to shoot. I have put about 1500 rounds through it so far. I have shot Glocks from friends and there is no comparison. The XD is better balanced and easier to shoot; so you should get excellent accuracy. I am planing to get the new XDm Compact in 9mm and a full size. XDm 45 after that.

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    I have 2 40's,both Sigs,theres plenty Defensive ammo that was geared towards LEO's
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    Congrats!! Good choice! I was surprised that there wasn't really much of a difference in recoil or accuracy between it and my old G26 (9mm +P). The trigger job and better ergos did help though.
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