Bought my first Glock, advice needed Long but please help)

Bought my first Glock, advice needed Long but please help)

This is a discussion on Bought my first Glock, advice needed Long but please help) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, so I went and drank the kool-aid. My lovely wife gave me some cash to buy myself a christmas present and I decided I ...

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Thread: Bought my first Glock, advice needed Long but please help)

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    Bought my first Glock, advice needed Long but please help)

    OK, so I went and drank the kool-aid. My lovely wife gave me some cash to buy myself a christmas present and I decided I wanted to get a Glock. A friend recommended the 40 caliber. I rented both the 27 and the 23. Since I have small hands for a guy I felt comfortable with the 27, but wanted to see if the 23 really was better from an accuracy stand point.
    I shot the 27 first, and was amazed at my first group. There was one round at 11 oclock on the edge of the nine ring, and a hole that appeared to be the remaining 8 rounds all connected along the bottom edge of the nine ring at about 7 oclock. This group was basically a hole 1/2 tall and 1-1/4 wide. The next two mags were not quite as pretty but still plenty good.

    Then I switched to the 23. The majority of the shots were in the black nine ring with one in the bull and a few very close. There of course were a few oppsies too.

    So it was a tough decision, the best group of the night was the first with the 27, but the average was probably better with the 23.
    I decided to get the 27 because it will be a carry gun and hopefully with a little practice with it I can get them all in the black.

    Since this is my first semi-auto I do have a few questions:

    1. Self defense ammo in 40 Caliber. I like the gold dots in my snubbie (Buffalo bore brand). Should I consider the 165 grain SD rounds, or the 180 grain for the Glock.

    2. The magazine holds nine rounds, and according to the manual the proper loading procedure is to insert the fully loaded mag into the gun and rack the slide to chamber the first round. Is it OK to then remove the mag and add another round and re-insert? Does this jam the top round in the mag into the already loaded cartridge, possibly making it jam? Is it possible and maybe easier to load a single round into the gun, close the slide and then insert a mag with nine rounds? In essence is the 27 a nine + 1 or an eight + 1 gun?

    3. The gun came with the Glock mag loader. I found this difficult to use. I have carpel tunnel so my fingers are not the strongest in the world. Could someone explain the actual use of the mag loader in detail? I was pressing down on the follower, pushing the first round in and trying to press it under the tab of the mag loader. Then I would release the pressure on the loader, press down on the loaded round and try to get another cartridge started but it seemed like there wasn't enough room to get the rear end of the next round into the narrow portion of the magazine.
    When I was firing the rental guns I loaded the magazines by hand and while difficult I think it may have been easier than loading with the Glock mag loader. Perhaps the rental guns mag springs are worn in/ weakened a little? Will my new ones get easier with age?
    Would one of the universal mag loaders work better?

    4. Cleaning, the sales person at the shop said it isn't neccesary to clean a Glock every time you shoot it. He said a couple of times a year is all it needs. I know this depends on how much you shoot but I usually always clean a gun after every range session. I normally make one trip per month shooting a box of 50 every trip. Is cleaning twice a year better? Would cleaning every time be OK?

    5. Storage, the manual says "Don't store a loaded gun!" I realize this is a legal department requirement but I assume it's OK to store it every night loaded, condition 1?

    6. Holster, I would like a reasonably priced IWB leather holster. I like my High Noon tuckable (Split Decision) for my snub nose. I could order one for the Glock but thought I would like to try one with belt loops and maybe one that is easier to reholster. I don't know if I would want an OWB or not. I like the easier to conceal factor of the IWB and a lot of the time I like to tuck in a dress shirt. I'm sure I'll end up with both a tuckable and and a belt loop design eventually.

    Thanks for any advice in advance.

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    Well congrats on your new gun. Now take a deep breath and relax. Don't over think any of this it is all a very simple procedure.

    1. SD ammo 165 or 180 either one will work get a box of each or one box at a time and see what you and the gun like best. Recoil may be slightly heavier with the 180 which may make a difference in the smaller gun. The BG will not know the difference if you have to shoot someone.
    2 and 5 It is perfectly fine to load the mag to capacity, chamber a round and then drop the mag and top it off. You then simply reinsert and are good to go. You may find with Glock mags the last round is tough to get in it is somewhat normal. I would load the mag to capacity, chamber a round and leave it alone. Let the mag break in so to speak. Also be aware to rotate the round that you put in the chamber constant unloading and loading back into the chamber can cause the bullet to move back in the case causing some high pressure problems. Once you load the pistol it can be stored that way without problems. If you have other family members you may want to secure the weapon loaded so only you can get to it or choose a different method of storage (Mag in no round in chamber). Either way rotate out the chambered round on occasion. If it looks like the round is shorter than the others dispose of it. To tell just stand a new round on its base and set the other beside it.
    3. The mag loader is simple to some and a pain to others. Push down the follower with the loader and slide the round in until it contacts the loader. Release the pressure on the loader and slide the round the rest of the way in. Repeat process with next round. As stated new mags can be a pain, if you have to load one down until the break in don't sweat it.
    4. Not sure about the once a year cleaning thing. I disassemble and clean my firearms after each shooting session. Now Glocks can remain uncleaned for a lot of rounds and still function but why risk it. Once you take your Glock apart you will notice copper colored splotches (for the lack of a better word) on the inside of the slide. Do not attempt to clean this off it is some sort of lube or something that will wear off don't worry about it. Other than the normal cleaning it take very little lube of any type on a Glock, follow the manual.
    5. Already covered
    6. This is personal preference however be aware that an IWB holster for a Glock must have a reinforced opening that lets the holster maintain the open top when reholstering. Remember on a Glock if the trigger bar is pressed the weapon will fire. So if you are pushing the gun into the holster and the trigger becomes lodged, stuck or tangled in holster or clothing the potential for the weapon to go off is pretty high. Spend a little more time and money choosing this item.

    One thing I will add is to train with the weapon. Either alone or in a class practice your basic skills trigger, sights and so on then train under pressure to do those things. You will learn to love that little gun and if you give it the least bit of care and train with it a Glock will never let you down.
    "A first rate man with a third rate gun is far better than the other way around". The gun is a tool, you are the craftsman that makes it work. There are those who say "if I had to do it, I could" yet they never go out and train to do it. Don't let stupid be your mindset. Harryball 2013

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    1. Pick any major manufacturer in the bullet weight and design that you like, make sure it functions RELIABLY in your gun, and don't worry about it.

    2. It's fine to "top off" the mag after loading the chamber.

    3. The last round is often a bear to load...without seeing exactly what you're doing (and not really using mag loaders much myself), I can't offer any real advice here.

    4. My rule for cleaning is, in order, "gun, gear, self." As long as you aren't trying to scrub the Tennifer off each time, you won't harm your gun by cleaning it after every session. That said, you almost certainly won't harm it by NOT cleaning it after every session, either. Do what your regiment tells you to do.

    5. Physically, for the GUN, it's fine to leave it loaded. Make sure that you do so safely in accordance with your home situation.

    6. There are a number of very good holster makers on this very site, with nearly infinite variations... Looking is half the fun.

    ETA: tacman, ya beat me to it.
    A man fires a rifle for many years, and he goes to war. And afterward he turns the rifle in at the armory, and he believes he's finished with the rifle. But no matter what else he might do with his hands - love a woman, build a house, change his son's diaper - his hands remember the rifle.

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    I recommend 180 grain for several reasons, but won't go there. It is ok to load the mag, chamber and top off the mag. It is ok to store a properly holsterd glock ready to go. All guns should be cleaned after use, but on a glock it is ok to miss a few depending on how much you shoot it. Just always wipe the feed ramp and brush around the extractor in between take- downs for more detailed cleaning

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    Re: magazine loader. My range (indoor) is un-heated and It's a PITA to load any of my autos after a few are fired. Get an UPLULA, these things are great!

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    some answered, some not....

    2. Topping of the mag isn't really necessary, especially if you're carrying a spare mag like you should, but if it makes you sleep better, shouldn't hurt. I would not recommend a "special" technique to get the gun loaded and mag topped off. Do it one way, the right way, every time, and you won't inadvertently screw up your subconscious programming. With higher capacity guns, I generally don't bother.

    3. Its all in the technique...
    (from one of my other replies)
    a) Press down firmly on the loader, notice how it pushes the top cartridge down, making just enough room for the new cartridge.
    b) Lightly place the new cartridge in the top of the mag, it should slide back under the metal lips slightly, and come to rest against the plastic post of the loader.
    c) Slowly start to lift the loader, while gently pressing the new cartridge towards it's "home" position. Once the loader lifts far enough (i.e. the post raises high enough to clear the new round), the round should slide home.

    4. Just keep the darn thing clean, you'll be happier and so will your Glock.

    5. It's semantics, but to me "stored" means put away for a long time without being used. Sitting in the nightstand, ready for action, isn't "stored", so don't sweat it.

    6. Holsters are really a matter of preference, but I don't hear too many complaints about the CBST.

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    First, run 250 rounds of ball ammo thru it to make sure it feeds properly, then send it out for extractor tuning and, order a custom trigger ... Wait, wrong gun!

    One of the high points of any Glock is it will feed almost any commercial ammo made, so SD brand isn't an issue. My preference is to shoot the heaviest bullet that's practical for any given caliber. If you intend to inflict damage, do you want to hit someone with a little rock or a big one?

    Always load the first round from the magazine! Dropping a round in the chamber and slamming home the slide is one of the few things that can damage a Glock (or many other makes.). It may chip or break the extractor. It designed to load from the mag, so do so.

    Previous replies mentioned how to use the loader. It just takes a bit of practice. There are other loader brands out there that work better (Uplulu for one) but for what they cost I'll manage fine with the Glock version.

    Glocks seem to work fine when neglected or dirty, but I like a clean gun. I clean mine after shooting. I'm not fanatical about it, don't pull it out for a weekly oiling, just clean off the gunk and powder residue and oil the specified Glock-recommended spots. With minimal care, the Glock will serve you well. Be careful not to get oils/solvent inside the slide (firing pin/striker) area as it can gum up the striker and cause a malfunction.

    Now go out and enjoy!
    Retired USAF E-8. Official forum curmudgeon.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I do plan on practicing at least once a month and will wait until I have a lot of rounds thru it before I start carrying it for SD. My snubbie will serve me fine until then.
    As far as the loader, even with it pressed down about as hard as I dared it seemed like the opening at the top of the mag wasn't wide enough/deep enough to "slide" the next round in easily. Guess it takes practice and a little break in period on the mags. I have them both setting fully loaded at home now. The gun has a cable lock through the action now so I'm not worried about the gun being out of sight. That brings me to a minor gripe. Why couldn't Glock make their standard case have a tab for a padlock? It would have cost them pennies a case and then you could lock the gun in the case and not have to remove the mag and empty the chamber to lock the gun. I know they sell a locking case, but come on! For the price of a tab on the case, I could add my own combination lock. I already have (3) TSA approved locks, all set to the same combination that I could have used.
    The gun shop I bought it at gave me a half hour free range time to get acquainted with the gun. Since it's supposed to be a Christmas present I should wait until after the 26th of December but the coupon has a thirty day expiration so I guess I get to test it before Santa comes. Now if I can just convince him to bring me a new holster for it.

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    Congrats on your new GLOCK, they are the finest combat pistols on any of the 8 or 9 planets.

    The mag loader works great: push down until the tab on the loader pushes the black follower down, hold, insert round until it contacts the tab on the loader, release pressure on loader while pushing round towards the back of the magazine until it is seated. Press loader down again and the tab will push down the previously loaded round, insert round number 2 and release pressure while pushing in round #2.

    Do rotate and or limit the number of times you chamber the same round.

    I use Remington Golden Sabre 124 grain +p in my GLOCK 19 (9mm). They make fine holes in cardboard and particle board, no human or animal testing data available here. I do want to get some Speer Gold Dots or Winchester Supreme Elite PDX1 bonded bullets for the off chance I have to shoot through glass or some other cover. SD ammo is almost impossible to find here, I just need to get off my rear end and order some online. Almost all of the name brand hollow point bullets will work fine for SD, about the only thng I've ever heard anything negative about is that Hornady crap with the polymer tip. Avoid lead bullets, I know they are all mostly lead but most are copper jacketed. Use jacketed bullets, the un-jacketed lead bullets can leave residue in the barrel and cause issues. I also avoid reloaded ammuntion, but that is just me.

    My GLOCK 19 is carried with a round chambered and a full magazine. It is in this condition unless I'm at the range shooting it or if I'm cleaning it. During the day it is holstered and on my hip, at night it sleeps on my nightstand in a Homak bedside quick access safe. Flashlight is near also.

    A reasonable priced, comfortable, well made, lifetime warranty, 2 week try it, available IWB holster? Look no further than the CROSSBREED SUPERTUCK DELUXE! Mine's horsehide with the combat cut. It's very comfortable and hides my 19 well. It is tuckable, although I do not use that feature. The kydex on mine broke so I mailed it to them they replaced the kydex and clips and hardware and mailed it back to me. All it cost me was postage and 4 days.
    It took about two weeks to get mine when I ordered it but I also ordered one of their fine belts (the belts are made to order so it takes a little longer), I've heard of people getting holsters alone within a week.
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    I have the Glock 23, bigger hands, didn't like the way the 27 felt.
    Never could get the Glock loader to work, got an Upula one, works for almost everything.

    Cleaning, I clean mine everytime I shoot (usually 100 rounds or more). Some of the guys I know clean it everyweek, shot or unshot.
    For self defense round, Remington Golden Sabre.

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    As i owned 3 Glocks,i think i can help you some...

    1 180 cant hurt
    2 As said already,if your going to top it off,take the mag out instead of loading the round directly into the chamber.
    3 Practice makes perfect,but you might want a different one.
    4 Dont you know not too trust them people? Glocks do have a tolerance for little cleaning,but i never let mine go for more than 3 times at the range.Your not stuck in the desert without any lube.
    5 They legally have to do that.I store all my guns loaded,no problems.
    6 I have always done owb,some people like iwb,some dont.You need to figure out what works for you.

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    You have received some good advice so far. The 27 is my off-duty weapon. I carry a 23 on duty. Mine rides very comfortably in a Milt Sparks Summer Special II. Order from MS direct or Brownells for under $100. Great investment. I carry a spare 23 mag in a Pure Kustom single mag pouch (another great investment).

    I use 165 gr Federal Hydra Shok as per my Dept. It'll stop a threat just fine. But 180gr is good too. FBI uses Winchester 180gr. I never used the mag loader, I just load em by hand. Over time it'll get easier. I always load from the mag and then top off. 9 + 1. I also always leave it loaded. It goes from my person to a safe at night or in my locker at work.

    One thing that I will stress; clean your 27 after every range use or once a month if you don't get to shoot it. While Glocks do run dirty, there is no reason not to take the time to clean your gun. It doesn't take long and will enhance reliability. Just follow the manual and don't use excessive oil.
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    I carry the G22 OWB, so:

    1) I have found that Winchester white box works the best - 165 FMJ for range and 180 JHP for carry.
    2) Proper procedure is to load the chamber from the magazine. I ND'd dropping a round into the chamber then closing the slide.
    3) I agree - I detest that "helper" that came wtih the magazine. I use an HKS speedloader. I find it is easier to push down on the lever.
    4) I agree with previous statements - follow whatever cleaning regimen you normally do. I have yet to clean mine.
    5) I store mine condition 1 all the time.
    6) I agree with the IWB needing retention memory - that is why I went OWB (I have a large waistline). I also agree that shopping is half the fun!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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    Get an UPLULA, these things are great!

    +1 get a UPLULA loader, they might even sell them at your local range or firearms store.

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