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FNP-45 vs Glock 21SF

This is a discussion on FNP-45 vs Glock 21SF within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have no experience with FNP,but i can tell you that Glocks WORK....

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Thread: FNP-45 vs Glock 21SF

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    I have no experience with FNP,but i can tell you that Glocks WORK.

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    I think the poll might end up being jilted. I'm sure lots of folks here have experience wit the 21 and 21SF, but there is probably only going to be a handful with the FNP 45. I've shot the 21 before... I actually liked it a lot.

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    i have a G30 and my friend has a FNP 45. i find that although both guns have been flawless the glock fits my hand better.

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    No experience with either. If the G21 is simply just a bigger G30, which, well basically yes it is, then I can say that it's probably awesome. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't currently lusting after an OD FNP-45 :)

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    I have no experience with either, but from what I've gleaned from articles, I went with the fnp
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    So far not a lot of info if any in terms of experience...lol.

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    I currently have a G21SF. I took a plain G21 to Blackwater and shot it well. I came in second place by 0.3 seconds firing strong hand only at 20 steel dingers at ranges from 10 to 50 or so feet. A guy with a 9mm beat me. If I had been using my G17, I would have beat him easily.

    However, it remains the G21 is a pretty soft shooting .45ACP, but it is big. I like big, but the G21 is right on the edge for me. It's not just the grip girth, but gun width too, and perhaps more subtle the huge mags. I discovered just how big when we started various reloading drills, e.g. one hand, weak hand, etc.

    But, the problem for me is I haven't had an FNP .45 ACP in my hands so I can't compare. But I recently traded for a FNX-9 and I have to admit I love this gun! The mag holds 17 rounds and yet the grip (with the medium rear strap) fits my hand better than most any other polymer gun. It's right there with the comfort of the P250 grip. This is a DA/SA trigger on my FNX, but I've 'grown up' on DA/SA so that's ok; not my first choice in trigger systems, but....

    There are two things that caught my attention about my FNX, one, the mag can move back and forth (i.e. front to back), more like a rock or pivot about the mag catch, more than I expected. However, I compared the FNX to my G17 RTF2 and the G17 has just as much mag movement as the FNX. The second thing is the slide to frame fit. There is a bit more sideward play in the slide at the rear than I'd like. I can't say that it affects accuracy, but I can't say it doesn't either. When I shot the first 100 rounds through it, I thought it was about as accurate as any other gun. It just seems that if the sights are on target and the bullet accelerating down the barrel can move the rear of the slide a bit, the hit should be off a bit. But, it may not matter at all; in any event, I'm calling FN Monday and ask about that.

    I'm going to post a detailed review and range report for the FNX-9 after I talk to FN.

    While, the FNX-9 is not the FNP-45, I would presume they are similar in function and features. E.g. the FNX (again can't speak for the FNP) allows you to carry cocked and locked, hammer down with the safety off, hammer down with the safety on. You can load, rack the slide, even field strip the FNX with the safety engaged. The FNX has an ambi thumb safety, ambi mag release, and ambi slide release. The G21 has none of that. I guess that raises the question, since the FNX is the updated version of the FNP (and I've read nothing but good about the FNP family) you may want to compare the FNP with the FNX.

    And, as someone already mentioned, the poll may more reflect the familiarity/experience with the G21 than actual experience and knowledge. I'm just saying not nearly as many people own or have shot a FNP/X - they may not know what they're missing.
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    I have a FNP 45. It is a large gun as many have pointed out but I can carry mine under a sweatshirt with very little printing. And I am not a big guy. It is soft shooting, easy to take down and clean, simple to operate, and shoots much better than I can. It does have pretty thick grips but somehow it really fits my medium sized hands. I think the FNP line of guns is very under rated and would invite anyone to take a close look at them.

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