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Car Gun what are your ideas?

This is a discussion on Car Gun what are your ideas? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I keep either my PM9 or my SA GI.45 micro in the car in a Oahu holster that's mounted in the door, but the gun ...

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Thread: Car Gun what are your ideas?

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    I keep either my PM9 or my SA GI.45 micro in the car in a Oahu holster that's mounted in the door, but the gun never stays in the car without me. I go out, it goes out, I go in, I slip into the door holster so it's ready for me.

    Just an aside and a little off-topic ... a recent discussion with a deputy noted that position, and he was so impressed he's now carrying his that way when he's off-duty. He commented that he liked the idea of making a stop and being able to open the door and having access to a perps weapon and being able to get between the perp and the weapon if necessary. Not sure -- no, I know I don't like the sound of that -- but it made him feel better.
    I'm in favor of gun control -- I think every citizen should have control of a gun.
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    Get the judge!!! Hit em with three rounds of 410 followed my 45lc

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    Well I have recently saw the disadvantages of keeping a gun in my vehicle whem I left a Pistol mag in my vehicle and forgot to lock the door and got broken in to. That being said, you didnt ask for criticism. Dependable, capacity and able to get the job done, I would look for a good used Glock 17 or 19, There are lots of used 2nd and 3rd gen LE trades out there for reasonable prices. We all know they will handle large amounts of not attention or cleaning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul34 View Post
    Yea, these days, people steal cars by backing in a flatbed tow truck and just hauling it away. No one says or notices anything because it's not always easy to tell the difference between a legit and illegit tow, especially in many dense cities. A few hours later, your car is already in pieces on the black market - you'll never get it back.
    Yup. They'll have all the time in the world to deal with your vehicle safe and get your gun. No thanks...the gun stays on me unless I have no other choice.
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichSteve View Post
    I am thinking of a steel safe to go in my car to secure a gun in, so it would not be to easy to steel. I do carry most of the time, however, there are times when I can not due to gun free zones. So I am thinking of a dedicated car gun. I am also a police chaplain and need to go to crime scenes, I am not allowed to carry when I am in that roll. It would be nice though to have a gun with me to and from the scene in the middle of the night.

    Questions for discussion:

    1. Auto or Revolver?
    2. Size? (may have to conceal)
    3. Plastic, Steel or Stainless Steel? (I live in a cold climate RUST)
    4. Caliber 9mm, 45acp or 357?
    Dedicated car gun? Get a cheapo....throw down for your car gun and carry what you need to. Any time carry is disallowed, a simple safe or locking glove box would be good. Know the difference between "steel" and steal. Anything left in your vehicle will be subject to being stolen including the vehicle itself and everything inside. IMO, if you can't decide, any Ruger P series would do you well IMO, and if you find a good buy on one then grab it, and don't worry about a safe in the vehicle....just throw it under the seat. A vault or safe inside a vehicle almost deserves an attack once the vehicle itself has been breached. A safe would be like Christmas wrapping paper IMO. Anyone that can steal your car can steal what's inside. Just put the horse before the cart if you want to go anywhere IMO. If you can't keep it with you, then it's always at risk. Those are my asked.
    "Questions for discussion"? Immaterial now. Rust? Any vehicle is no place for long term storage of any firearm.

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    Weapons in vehicles arm criminals.
    "There are more things on this planet with fangs, claws, poisons, and scales, than there are things that are warm, fuzzy, and full of love. It's just a simple fact." - James Keating

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    I've been debating this issue as well, since I have joined this forum and started reading about this topic.

    While I don't like the idea of leaving a handgun in my vehicle unattended. I do have to at times as I can't carry a weapon where I work. So my carry gun gets left behind. While no one there has never had their vehicle broken into that I'm aware of. There has been thefts on the property. (scrap bin has been broken into, building painters equipment stolen) and I've heard similiar from other buisenesses in our area. So while I prefer to carry my Colt Defender, I sure would hate to have to replace such and expensive gun. I think I will be purchasing one of those locking boxes that you can attatch to your seat. Yes if the vehicle does get stolen. I'm going to be out of luck. But if they just break in and take a couple of things for some quick cash. The lock box may be more than they have time to get into. Before they have to get out of there.

    I'm thinking about getting a used Glock compact or maybe a sub compact. As mentioned Glocks are low(er) maintenance than most other guns and wouldn't mind the change in weather conditions. Less expensive to replace if stolen. (As mentioned there are some good deals on used glocks out there) I also want my "car" gun to be a caliber that will penetrate other autos if needed as well. These are just my ideas.

    Good luck with your search and let us know what you get?

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    If your serious, go to a custom car maker/custom upholstery shop and get a hideout built into your vehicle.
    "I do what I do." Cpl 'coach' Bowden, "Southern Comfort".

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichSteve View Post
    Plastic, Steel or Stainless Steel? (I live in a cold climate RUST)[/B]
    Good thought, though I can't say how valid a concern it is. I don't know if repeated condensation on stainless is too big an issue, but I'd wanna figure it out before it was rustin'. I do know after carrying stainless in the summertime, I sure prefer Tennifer or other similarly durable coatings.

    Quote Originally Posted by alachner View Post
    ... If the Ruger SP-101 is too expensive or good to afford being stolen in case of burglarly, then just buy any used and cheap J Frame revolver in .357 Magnum.
    .357 j-frames are only cheaper than sp101's in my dreams.

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