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Lefties VS Righties..

This is a discussion on Lefties VS Righties.. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Stay away from the 1911 platform and she'll have no problems with right handed guns. If you can manage right handed controls, why can't the ...

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Thread: Lefties VS Righties..

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    Stay away from the 1911 platform and she'll have no problems with right handed guns.
    If you can manage right handed controls, why can't the poster's girlfriend learn a 1911? I release the slide release and mag release with my forefinger and it does not feel awkward. But if you do decide to avoid a 1911, consider the HK line with ambi slide releases or the P7.

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    Though a lefty, I've been blessed with being mostly ambidextrious. The rest of my family were righty's so I learned to golf and bat right-handed. I prefer to shoot and carry lefty, but I often do it righty because I have a favorite right-handed holster or I get tired of empty shells hitting me in the face. Being able to adapt is a wonderful thing.

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    As a lefty I have learned to compensate or adapt my shooting for pistols designed for right hand shooters. So I started years ago with a Colt 1911, I loved the gun but it is awarded. I found that I have moved to pistols that had ambidextrous controls. Even so most are not fully ambidextrous. Until recently few if any had right and left slide release. Now I have comprised and prefer pistols with fewer controls. So I now carry a Kahr CW9. If I were starting from scratch I would really consider the HK P2000 series or the P30, which are completely ambidextrous. Because I have been shooting for 40 years I have developed habits that would be nearly impossible to change. And even though I practice several times a month I fear that under stress I would revert to old habits. So for me simpler is best. Good luck, and shoot safe!

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    As a lefty shooter (actually cross-dominant left handed, right eyed) I've never felt particularly handicapped in shooting.
    While I appreciate my ambi controlled handguns, I handle and shoot my 1911 best and its only ambi control is the safety.

    I strongly agree with the sentiment that a person should be able to shoot their carry handgun with either hand as that could be required in a pinch.

    FN's FNP-45 and FNX handguns, plus HK's P30 are completely ambidextrous in their controls, but I'd hardly expect everyone to choose them for concealed carry.

    Get to to handle and shoot as many handguns as practical, she'll figure out what she wants.


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    Appreciate all the great responses. So it seems the right-handed mag and slide release are negligible to most lefties..
    "Obviously you're not a golfer." -The Dude

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    I have found it fairly easy to adapt. When I had 1911's I did go for ambi safeties but that was the only issue I had with them. I prefer mag releases in the traditional "right handed" position. Anything with the slide release forward (like 1911) it can be manipulated with the index finger. Or, if you slingshot, it doesn't matter where it is. On my Sig's I can use the decocker with my index finger easily enough, but when I have them set up for DAO even that doesn't matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IDbound View Post
    If you can manage right handed controls, why can't the poster's girlfriend learn a 1911? I release the slide release and mag release with my forefinger and it does not feel awkward. But if you do decide to avoid a 1911, consider the HK line with ambi slide releases or the P7.
    I was referring to the 1911 non-ambi safety in that comment. Even for lefties, it is tough to get to.
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    Thugs that comply, don't die!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3rik View Post
    Appreciate all the great responses. So it seems the right-handed mag and slide release are negligible to most lefties..
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    I'm a lefty and left eye dominant, being a lefty in a right handed world all my life I've learned to function as a righty and develop a degree of ambidexterity. I shoot right handed Glocks the same as any right hander out there. For me it all boils down to training the muscles and brain to do the function needed, lots of reps but in a SD situation I'm not going to have to fight it with everything be so deeply rooted.

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    If the pistol has a safety, I prefer it to be ambidextrous. However, I would rather have a "decocker only" pistol like my FNP-9, since I ALWAYS carry with the safety OFF. Obviously, I am not a 1911 type person. As far as the mag release, I can use my trigger finger quite well for that.
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    Being lefty is though. I find revolvers to be fine, I bring them towards the body and reach over to reload. As for semi autos I use to have a 1911 and I like the Walther platform. When It comes to the magazine release the walther is superb for me, and I engage the 1911 one with my trigger finger. As for slide releases I never used them I always yanked the slide back. For the 1911 I had a ambidextrous safety put in, but before I did that I did the dangerous sin of leaving it off and relying on the grip safety

    Quote Originally Posted by MinistrMalic View Post
    However, I am a converted righty (Grandma worked in the Catholic church when I was little, and being lefty was frowned upon still...).
    Wow I knew the catholic church was/ is anti a lot of things but had never heard that before.

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    A "J" frame is the perfect BUG, especially the light frame ones. Quite often our dexterity with our 'off hand" isn't all that great but a good S&W "J" is easy to orient and operate especially in a stressful situation where a BUG might be required.
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    I am "kind of" ambidextrous, and train to be truly ambidextrous with my serious handguns. I am left-handed, and left eye dominant.

    So-called right-hand mag release buttons, which are located on the left side of the pistol, are EASIER for me to use in lefty mode than right-hand mode, with just about every autopistol I have tried. At least with a SIG P229, my current duty pistol, operating the slide release is also very easy to do with my left trigger finger, in lefty mode. The way I see it, my DAK P229s are better for lefty usage than for righties! My DA/SA P229s are The mag releases could be reversed, but why? It would slow me down in lefty mode, and just confuse the issue if I find a standard pistol in my hands.

    On duty, I wear the duty pistol on the right hip, for a variety of reasons, but will switch hands as indicated. For example, when checking a building alarm, if the building is to my right as I work my way around it, I will hold the duty pistol in my left hand, and the flashlight in my right hand. Same if I am looking around vertical cover to my right, for obvious reasons.

    I shoot Glocks notably better as a lefty than a rightie, probably because my more skilled left hand can better deal with the horrible way a Glock fits me.

    I shoot single-action revolvers better lefty, which helps at reloading time, as I need not shift the weapon from a firing grip. I would not want a mirror-image SA sixgun, with the loading gate on the opposite side.

    My main exception with autopistols is that I prefer to use 1911s in right-hand mode. I don't like ambi safety levers, and over time, have fired 1911s right-handed so much, and carried them on the right side so much, I tend to shoot them better that way.

    I didn't learn to shoot DA revolvers until I had to learn in order to carry the then-mandated DA duty sixgun during the police academy days in 1983-1984. I had elected to carry right-handed, so concentrated on shooting DA that way.
    If I have to get into a physical fight, I tend to lead with my left side, and a police officer wants his holstered duty pistol to be turned away from an opponent. Moreover, the patrol cars of the day had less hip and elbow room than today, for a lefty seated on the driver's side. So, I became a right-hander with carrying guns, by default, and still carry at 0300, on and off the clock. Because the foundation of DA shooting was laid with me concentrating on right-hand drawing and firing, I will usually tend to shoot DA handguns a bit better as a right-hander.

    I can reload a DA sixgun when shooting lefty or rightie well enough, and would not want a mirror-image DA revolver to confuse the issue. When shooting a small-to-K-framed revolver, I reload holding the weapon in my right hand, and manipulate the ammo with my left hand. With larger-framed revolvers, I hold the weapon in my left hand to reload, in the classic FBI method for right-handed folks, and manipulate the ammo with my left hand. In each case, I am using what I feel most efficient for the size of the weapon, and the way it fits in my hand.

    So, I am generally happy with the way handguns are made, as-is, as a semi-ambidextrous lefty. With rifles, I do want then to be lefty-friendly, but don't mind ejection being on the right side, and favor being able to see the ejected case as a diagnostic tool, indicating things are running normally. My idea of a lefty-friendly AR15 is a one-sided RRA star-shaped selector lever, which I operate with my left index finger's base knuckle, and a DPMS extended bolt release, which I operate with the tip of my left index finger. No ambi selector levers, no ambi mag releases; don't need 'em, nor want'em.

    A Mini-14, with its safety lever at the left front of the trigger guard, is really lefty-friendly. I like Browning BLRs, as they are lefty-friendly, and Ruger No. 1 rifles, too. Turnbolt rifles, however, are definitely best set-up from scratch as dedicated left-hand weapons, for me.

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    I don't own a truly left hand firearm. After years of using right handed guns you just become accustomed to dealing with their controls. My 1911's that I carry all have ambi safeties, I like the left side lever bobbed down though. My other carry guns are a Glock and a revolver which are pretty easy to operate in left hand (or is that correct hand) mode.
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    Glock Gen 4's

    The new Glock Gen 4's all have the ability to switch the mag releases. I am a southpaw and it works quite well.

    You can get them in virtually any size (Full size, conmpact, sub compact).

    Other wise I hear the SR9c is nice and is ambidextrous.

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