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Lefties VS Righties..

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Thread: Lefties VS Righties..

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    Lefty here.

    For Self Defense - I use only DA revolvers and DA/SA autopistols with decockers
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    Right now I own one ambidextrous gun and the other 2 are for right handed users. I still use the controls that right handers use on ambidextrous gun. That was just how I was trained and I find using controls for left handers uncomfortable. I can even reload a wheel gun pretty good too. Its just all in the training.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3rik View Post
    Appreciate all the great responses. So it seems the right-handed mag and slide release are negligible to most lefties..
    Honestly it's going to depend on your girlfriends fingers, and how comfortable she is manipulating every thing on a "right only" gun.

    As a lefty I've used handguns for years, and appreciated Ruger's fore-thought into making their firearms ambi. It was a nice change of pace, but certainly I learned to utilize my left middle finger to release a mag, my left index to drop the slide release, or manual safeties, all while utilizing my right hand to reload a fresh mag.

    The only time it was a pain in the ass for me was when I had to use revolvers. That stupid left side cylinder release gets me every time.

    It's probably why I like to shoot with them, but not reload them ;)

    Rifles & shotguns are the same way.

    I did pick up a new Gen 4 Glock 17 and switched the mag release to lefty, and have loved that ability with my new Glock. That feature is not available on any other handgun I currently own.

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    Southpaw BUG recommendations?

    As a true lefty finding a BUG that met my needs was difficult until I found the Kel-Tec P3AT. In a SD situation where you have to resort to your BUG you're probably going to be under severe stress, your strength and mental thought process will usually have been pushed to their limits. In a situation such as this you don't want to have to try and work the action or safety from an uncomfortable position. Try taking your holstered EDC and your BUG into a dark room LOADED WITH SNAP CAPS ONLY and try to fire your EDC, then drop your EDC and draw your BUG, take the safety off, and fire it. Try this while you drop and are lying on your back...I think you'll agree, as a lefty, you don't want to be fiddling with a manual safety, let alone a right handed safety when your life is on the line. This senario did happen to a LEO while a person was trying to beat him to death with a sawed off baseball bat.
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    I have mostly owned and shot Sig's, until this last fall when my friends and pastor introduced me to Kimber. For Christmas I got a brand new Shiny Pro Carry II from my father. About a month ago I was out with MinistrMalic and he had me do the eye dominance test, turns out I am Left Eye dominant. My mother and nephew are lefties, as was my grandfather, so it's not s surprise. Since I did the test, I started shooting lefty, Turns out I am a MUCH better shooter with my left hand.

    Since my new PC II has a right handed thumb safety, I called Kimber and they told me the ambi safety was about $55.00. Shipping it to them would take 3 - 4 weeks turn around time. I called my local gunsmith and he told me it would be $120.00 total, parts and labor and about 3 days turn around time. That's my goal for the next month or so to get it done. Right now I am perfectly comfortable releasing the safety with my index finger.

    SO, the lesson learned is, never too late to change. I never knew after all these years being right was wrong. :)

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    I am also a left handed shooter, but I have pretty much adapted to shooting and handling either left or right handed guns.

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    I shoot M&P's and don't have to worry. Heck even Glock's are pretty easy for a lefty because it's easy to do a mag release with your index finger.
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