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If you are allowed to own only one hand gun in your entire life what would it be?

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Thread: If you are allowed to own only one hand gun in your entire life what would it be?

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    Glock 19 for me.
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    love the one your with........I don't have enough experience to choose a forever gun......but I did enjoy reading the responces.

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    Easy choice, my S&W Model 28 .357 mag. I've had it and shot it for 25 years; over half of my adult life. It fits my hand, I have confidence in it, shoots better than I can aim. Shoots .38 special plus P like a dream. Seems to prefer lead bullets but shoots semi jacket or jacketed close enough. It handles a wide variety of ammo ... ( I'm well stocked ).

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    JD is online now
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    My Nighthawk Custom, purpose built to my specs to do what I want it to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    My Nighthawk Custom, purpose built to my specs to do what I want it to do.
    oh such a nice choice!!!! I would have to look hard at making my choice a nighthawk custom 10mm longslide! they make the sweetest 1911's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Glock...26! Keep it "as is" for concealment, or add a G19 barrel and mag to essentially turn it into a G19 (minus the rail).
    I agree with your analysis. With the 26, you have a super concealable pistol that is amazingly accurate that will accept the hi-cap mags from the 17 and 19 and also the 33 rounders.
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    Smith & Wesson Model 686 4" .357 Magnum.

    Can shoot mild .38Spl or the hottest .357Mag ammo you will likely encounter. Similarly, .38 and .357 are easy to reload without the finicky tapered case of the 9mm. It doesn't require magazines, moon clips, or speedloaders of any kind. It will, in a pinch, take any game in North America if you do your job. No one can kick dirt on the .357 as a man stopping cartridge, and it is easy to conceal and carry all day in the right holster.

    Yes...I carry a Glock of one model or another every day and did as a cop for more than 15 of the 22 years I carried a badge...but if I were limited to one and only one handgun...it would be a Smith 686.

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    One gun, forever and for everything... Probably a .44 mag with either a six or eight inch barrel.
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    The 686 is definitely a most fine choice.

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    My Glock G23 RTF .40 S&W.
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    My Custom built 1911, chambered in .45 Super. I can hand load it for many different uses.
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    Assuming I can keep a 022 RF rifle, my choice would be a S&W or Ruger revolver with 3 or 4" barrI have one of both. Load down to .38 or up to .357--add shot shells maybe. One tool is never able to perform all functions--just try and overhaul an engine with pliers.

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    I would go with a Glock 19
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    I will take my S&W 686 hands down. It's straight up reliable, built like a tank, pleasure to shoot, fantastic pistol whipper, and has caliber flexibility with regards to self defense and hunting.

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