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If you are allowed to own only one hand gun in your entire life what would it be?

This is a discussion on If you are allowed to own only one hand gun in your entire life what would it be? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If forced to choose one then it would be my 5-inch Smith & Wesson .44 Special. A horrible thing to have to ponder....

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Thread: If you are allowed to own only one hand gun in your entire life what would it be?

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    If forced to choose one then it would be my 5-inch Smith & Wesson .44 Special.

    A horrible thing to have to ponder.
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    Tough choice but I'd probably go with my USP 45C.

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    One handgun....G19! If I was more into handgun hunting, I'd choose different but I'd prefer bowhunting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefrcd View Post
    I have one I've had most of my life. Been in the family more than my life...will be in my life the rest of my life.....and still a sweet shooter. Colt 1911.
    I'm with you on this as long as we are allowed a long gun as well.

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    I guess I would have to keep my Glock 17.

    It sure would be hard to get rid of my SP101 though.

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    If you are allowed to own only one hand gun in your entire life what would it be?
    After giving it some thought I have to say I just couldn't roll that way. Those considered might include but would not be limited to the S&W Model 19, the Ruger SP101, and the Glock 17.
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    If everything else remains the same... I'll keep my springfield emp.
    I still have my shotguns and rifle for all the other stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by waltherize View Post
    Well I don’t know if this has been discussed on some other thread, but here goes my question:

    If you are told that you can have only one handgun for all purposes (hunting, plinking, self-defense, home defense etc.) for your entire life, then what would it be and why? Would it be an auto or revolver and what caliber?

    Personally, I am thinking that I would probably keep my Walther P22, since it is light weight and easy to carry around, ammo is cheap and easy to find, it is generally reliable amongst .22 pistols, it looks cool to me, is fairly accurate, and it has many accessories (barrels extensions, laser sights, suppressors, accessory rails, spare magazines).

    Am really curious to hear your thoughts.
    I have the "FTW" right here...

    1911 (which ever flavor, not picky) with the .22 conversion so I can have the .22lr for plinking/small game and the full .45acp for defense. Best of both worlds and only one handgun.
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    I think I just got it last Friday.......Ed Brown Kobra Carry Light Weight........8 oz. lighter than my other KC and only 1 oz heavier than my EMP 9.....pretty sweet for a 4.25" barrel in .45.......I barely notice I'm wearing it.
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    S&W Mod 60 or Sp 101, 3 inch barrel. Easy to carry and could be used for most types of hunting.
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    This one.


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    Ruger Redhawk 4" barrel in .44 or a Ruger GP100 with a 3" barrel, either one would be fine.
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    One gun, my whole life, for all purposes.....Ruger SP101 3" bbl DA/SA. Versatility is the key for me in that decision.
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    Well since I don't hunt and no one mentioned zombies or an apocalypse, and I'd get to keep my long guns, hands down I'd keep my G19 as well.....
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