who here has owned a high point?

who here has owned a high point?

This is a discussion on who here has owned a high point? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Was looking through Buds guns and saw how inexpensive high points are. I looked at some youtube videos and they seem like no other. has ...

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Thread: who here has owned a high point?

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    who here has owned a high point?

    Was looking through Buds guns and saw how inexpensive high points are. I looked at some youtube videos and they seem like no other. has anyone here ever purchased one? good or bad? Bunker
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    I still have the first handgun I ever owned. A Highpoint 380. It's humongous!!! Heavy as hell!!! And it goes bang every time I ever pull the trigger. Flawless!!!

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    Something inside of me says buy one sometimes when I go to my LGS but I can't seem to get past the heaviness of the gun. I'm not one for only liking pretty guns so the fact that its butt ugly doesn't bother me. I guess all the internet/LGS bashing it gets is what stops me as well.
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    The C-9 was my first gun purchase. I had some problems with it in the beginning, but after a few hundred rounds the thing has performed just fine. Their customer service is phenomenal.

    I don't shoot it much any more, but I can't see myself ever getting rid of it. I would characterise my overall view of Hi-Point as positive, but I would not recommend it for anything other than a range toy or a truck gun. They are big, heavy, and don't have a great reputation for reliability (deserved or not). If you are looking for a defensive handgun and can afford a little more then you should look elsewhere.
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    I've played with one at gun shows but it just doesn't turn me on from a heft standpoint and from the fact that I would rather take the $150 (or whatever they sell for) and put it aside for something better.

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    I have a Hi-Point 995 carbine with an ATI stock,as far as their pistols if it's all you can afford then get it,if you run outta ammo you can use it to pummel the target .If you can afford a better gun then get it.I have a RIA 45 compact I paid 369.00 for and it shoots great,I also have a Colt CC xse I paid 3 times as much for,and it doesn't shoot any better.
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    Except putting a few rounds through one here and there over the years, I don't have much experience with their pistols. The ones I've shot, worked. I have owned a carbine for years. It's ugly as sin, a pain to takedown and reassemble but it plain works and the kids love shooting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bunker View Post
    Was looking through Buds guns and saw how inexpensive high points are. I looked at some youtube videos and they seem like not other. has anyone here ever purchased one? good or bad? Bunker
    Bad (reliability) for self-defense

    OK/poor range gun.
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    The best thing that I can say about the C-9 is that it is accurate when it does actually succeed in firing. Plan on rebending the magazine lips right out-of-the-box in order for it to feed properly. It also has an odd manual of arms. For example, you can't unload the firing pin unless you have a magazine inserted. That just gives me the willies.
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    I have the C9 and the 40 cal. They both function flawlesy. Sometimes you need to adjust the lips on the mags when you first get them.
    Both of mine are accurate and fire every time. I carry one or the other as my EDC. They are on the heavy side but are not hard to carry.
    I do a lot of hunting and fishing and I won't feel bad if I loose one in the lake or swamp.
    Costumer service is awsome and they have a life time warrenty.
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    I have one of the 995 carbines. Great little rifle, it has been %100 reliable for me.
    As others have said, the customer service is excellent. I bought mine used from a pawn shop and it was missing the sights and some of the clips that hold the stock together. I called them to see how much the replacement parts would be. They said l their guns have a lifetime warranty even if you buy them used and sent me all the parts out for free and also included an upgraded firing pin and spring since they had changed the design after mine was made.

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    A buddy of mine has a Hi-Point .22 pistol. Seems like a pretty cool little range gun if you can get over some malfunctions. His would jam pretty often which may or may not have been due to being old and probably not very well taken care of.

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    I have seen two High Points break the slide in half.
    I see lots of them at the range due to their cheap cost.
    The High Points seem to either work very well, or they dont work at all, being problematic to the point that we keep a few Ruger .22's on hand for the ones that cant finish the course.
    They are heavy because they are made out of Zinc alloy, the same things that cap guns are made of.
    I am constantly amazed because people that are fairly well off in life with nice homes,good jobs and good vehicles would scimp on something that is not 100 percent for their self defense.
    Its like they'll spend 40K on a new vehicle, but 300 bucks for something that might make the difference between living and dieing is over their budget. It dosent make sense.

    One thing about a High Point. When someone brings one to the range, it instantly shows that the shooter is a begginner.

    Yes, it might work. I once worked a murder where a dude had been killed with one, shot 6 times in fact. It worked that time.
    The shooter was lucky that it worked. Had it been one that was 50-50, he would be the one that was murdered.

    There are much better guns out there for not much more in money. Their customer service is excellent, they get lots of practice at it and thier people are very polished.They do have a lifetime warranty. Their guns are die cast, which makes them cheap enough that they can just replace them rather than waste time trying to get them to work right.

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    I have worked on hi-points..... I posted up some pics at one point regarding the mickey mouse trigger system. Not worth my life to own one IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunker View Post
    Was looking through Buds guns and saw how inexpensive high points are. I looked at some youtube videos and they seem like no other. has anyone here ever purchased one? good or bad? Bunker
    Good or Bad? It depends on what you want it for.

    Cheap plinker, fun range gun....Good

    Self defense/keep yourself alive gun...very bad.
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