S&W MP40c Update 2 - Gotta give it to their CS

S&W MP40c Update 2 - Gotta give it to their CS

This is a discussion on S&W MP40c Update 2 - Gotta give it to their CS within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I'm sitting at my desk this morning and my cell phone rings. I don't recognize the number so I don't answer. The leave a ...

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Thread: S&W MP40c Update 2 - Gotta give it to their CS

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    S&W MP40c Update 2 - Gotta give it to their CS

    So I'm sitting at my desk this morning and my cell phone rings. I don't recognize the number so I don't answer. The leave a voice mail. It was John from S&W customer service inquiring as to if I had received my replacement striker assembly and if it had resolved my problem. I called them back

    "Hi John, This is Rollo. I received the part in the mail and put it in. Thank you for your prompt shipping. "

    "Excellent. I'm glad the firearm is back in functioning order. I understand this was your carry gun so I'm glad you can get back to carrying it (I said it was my carry gun because I wanted to avoid having to send the gun in and just wanted them to send me the part. I am impressed the guy remembered.)"

    "Actually, I won't be carrying this gun anymore. I plan on selling or trading it."

    "May I ask why?"

    I proceeded to explain my history with semi auto's and that I had a problem carrying a firearm that had a major mechanical failure. He proceeded to explain to me that the first round of MIM strikers did have some issues which is why the redesigned it to a completely stainless steel piece. The next part is what really got my attention

    "I totally understand if you don't trust the pistol after that failure and I respect your decision. However before you sell or trade it I would ask that you give us another chance. Allow me to send you a link where you can print out a prepaid shipping label and we will have a technician go over your gun with a fine tooth comb and give it a thorough workout on the range. Then we will over night it back to you."

    "Well... I do like the gun... Ok. send me the link. I'll give it another shot."

    My initial reaction was to say "No, you guys had your chance!" but the guy just sounded soooooo damn sincere. Not like he was reading a script off a computer screen. Like he really did give a crap about the problem and REALLY wanted me to be satisfied and be a S&W customer. So, I'm going to send it off to S&W and let them check it out and put it through it's paces. When I get it back I will go back to carrying it but I will be putting a LOT of rounds through it at the range and if it even so much as THINKS about hiccuping it's getting retired for good. My SP-101 will be waiting patiently to take over as primary CCW. Either way though, big +1 to S&W customer service.
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    Have two handguns and a rifle from Smith and Wesson. Glad to hear Of such solid service!

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    Thanks for sharing. I had an opposite type of experience with another vendor. This will help me make decisions in the future.
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    I don't have a lot of experience with any manufacturer CS reps. However, my limited dealings with S&W has been excellent.

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    My experience in dealing with S&W CS was great. I know I have told the story in here before, but it has been a while. Back in my college days I was active in a pistol club on campus, we used a range on campus, and had two types of pistols, Ruger Mark II's, and S&W 41's (my favorite .22 ever, I want one). The 41's had been there for quite some time, I honestly have no idea how long. Once or twice a year, we would tear all the club's pistols down and do some cleaning, but these guns saw probably a couple of thousand rounds a year each. One year we had summer break coming up, and someone came up with the bright idea to call S&W, and see if they would take a look at the pistols, make sure all the parts were intact and nothing needed replaced, that kind of thing. So we shipped them off, and got them back, in great working order, a lot cleaner than when they were shipped. And if I recall, the club didn't pay a dime for it. I was impressed with their service.

    Sounds like they are trying to do right by you, I'd give your M&P a second chance.
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    S&W is awesome.
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    Give them a proper chance....that is excellent customer service.
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    S&W rocks and so do M&P's, I have never had an issue with mine and I feel they have been ultra reliable. I think you will have a fine shooting gun and may have just had a random issue. S&W will double check everything for you and make sure it's ready to rock.
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    Good on them for sticking behind their product. Only one S&W in our house and it's a 70's Model 60 (no dash) .38 (the Pinklady's personal gun), but it's good to see their customer service is excellent (in your case) and that they are standing behind their product and have resolved a problem with a faulty part. If I remember correctly, someone on here said it was a MIM part. He was dead on.

    Well, since they are offering, I think you're doing the right thing by sending it back and letting them give it the once over. While it's gone, go pick up several hundred rounds of 9mm ammo so you can take it to the range when it gets back.

    Glad to hear to hear the update and that you're giving it another go.
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    Wow, good to know.. I've been planning on picking up an M&Pc for my girlfriend soon.. It's great to know a company genuinely stands behind their product 100%.

    I especially like that he didn't judge or argue your reasoning either, only offering a "let's make it right anyway", no loss solution.
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    It's CS like this that makes these companies get the good rep and stay in business, when they understand the importance of their guns (your life depends on it) and they do what it takes to make it right in terms of your investment in them. Even if the M&P gets dumped, when it comes to looking at a S&W down the road, with a new line or an AR or another revolver, they know your experience with them will be tucked into your mind an factor into that decision.

    From your other thread it sounds like this may have been a known problem that's had some changes made to prevent it with future sales, and if that's the case you might be able to develop that trust again; but that's gonna take rounds so start stocking up on ammo.

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    Sounds like S&W is doing for you what Ruger did for me - fix the gun right, and test fire it with a bunch of ammo on their dime. Sure, you will need to test it for yourself when you get it back, but the odds are that it will be just fine.

    Good deal! How's THAT for a Merry Christmas?
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    It seems I remember a fellow LEO I spoke with from a neighboring agency telling me they had gone to the MP series and had some issues with them, so they cancelled the contract and went back to Glock, but it was for a different issue. This was a year or two ago. It seems Smith and Wesson has had several problems with these guns for a while, and the mims firing pin is hopefully the last issue to be resolved.

    I am glad they are treating you well, as I have always liked their products with the exception of their autoloaders. They are pressing hard to capture back the lions share of the LE market I suppose.
    Seems like Glock set a high standard and building a better "mouse trap" is the name of the game now for everybody. It's especially hard to do when you try to make a quality product at a competetive price by cutting corners on cheaper manafactured critical parts. I'm not a metalurlgist or engineer, but it's hard to imagine making an impact part out of powdered/glued metal could even be considered.

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    Sounds like good CS to me. Glad they're willing to give it a workout on their dime. I'd be willing to give them a chance if they gave me a detailed report on their range time (total # rounds, types and brands of rounds, and kind of jams, etc.). I'd still be a little gun shy (pun intended).
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidw View Post
    I don't have a lot of experience with any manufacturer CS reps. However, my limited dealings with S&W has been excellent.
    yes.. and can you answer my question? how do I know if I have the stainless steel pin system or the one that is prone to failure like yours was?
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