Hearing all this revolver talk got to me......

Hearing all this revolver talk got to me......

This is a discussion on Hearing all this revolver talk got to me...... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So today and I got this wild hair and started contemplating getting a revolver again. The fever started after I was shooting my uncle's Colt ...

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Thread: Hearing all this revolver talk got to me......

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    Hearing all this revolver talk got to me......

    So today and I got this wild hair and started contemplating getting a revolver again. The fever started after I was shooting my uncle's Colt Python while visiting a few months ago. Then all this subliminal crap on defensive carry. com started working on me and the fever began to get worse. What put me over the edge was when my other uncle sent me a picture of his new S&W 629.

    Well what can I say, I came home with a S&W 686 with a six inch barrel! Wow this is a really nice firearm! What can I say, it has one of the best factory triggers I have ever seen. It arguably rivals my uncle's Python and to me that is saying something as I love that gun.

    S&W 686 on S&W tin sign

    S&W 686
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    You bought a fine firearm, I have the 4" 686 and it is great.

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    Congrats on a great wheel gun! Excellent choice!
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    Congrats... good gun, good choice.
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    Good to hear. Now we can finally turn off the subliminal messaging machine and save some money on our power bills around here.

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    Awaiting the photos. Sounds like a really good pick. That Model 686 will be great with any .357 Magnum loading, from mild to wild. The 6-inch barrel will gen up the performance too. Do you know about what year it was produced?

    I have a Python and it's nice but have to believe that they are a bit overrated. I'm not sure a Python's single action trigger pull is superior to a Smith & Wesson that's been broken in and I dislike the Python's double action trigger but my trigger finger is long set, tuned for a Smith & Wesson trigger.
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    I think that it is Un-American for a citizen of the U.S. to not own at least one revolver in their collection. Although I am not from the U.S., I was drawn "like a moth to a flame" towards a beautiful S&W 442 revolver due to its fantastic American heritage. Wheel guns are fantastic!
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    Welcome to the 686 6" club. Heckuva gun, ain't it?
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    I got a 686 4 inch and love it. It has a production date of 06/10 and it has an awesome factory trigger. Great pick for a revolver.

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    Congrats on the new S&W. Do not forget that we love pictures
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    Congrats!!! Can't wait to see it!!!
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    Congrats! Pictures are a must. No excuses. Lets see 'em.
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    You should have been up hours ago taking pictures were waiting...
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    I am sure you will love it.

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    Congrats on your 686. I love mine with the 2.5" snubbie version.

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