Adjustable Sights on a Carry Gun why not?

Adjustable Sights on a Carry Gun why not?

This is a discussion on Adjustable Sights on a Carry Gun why not? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Why all the negativity on them?? I know they are suppose to be more fragile etc etc but if so answer me thins why do ...

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Thread: Adjustable Sights on a Carry Gun why not?

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    Adjustable Sights on a Carry Gun why not?

    Why all the negativity on them??

    I know they are suppose to be more fragile etc etc but if so answer me thins why do some of the big name Makers make a combat pistol with Adj sight

    Colt Special Combat

    Wilson Super Grade

    Quote from there Site
    he Classic Super Grade. Only our most experienced veteran pistolsmiths

    So if i don't want a Super grad does that mean the newbie Builds bad marketing


    NightHawk custom Can't Say there website sucks so bad and is so slow even with cable i quit trying to look at there guns

    Les Baer

    The Prowler


    Super Tac with adjustable Nightsights


    Custom Op

    Blurb about it from there site guess Spec ops like adjustable sights?

    Designed using input from US Special Forces Operators, this pistol incorporates all of the features necessary for a top quality carry gun and tops it off with an integral accessory light rail frame.

    Trp Lightrail Adj night sights

    I could find more but think ya get my point
    So what say ye all

    I will say my trophy match is about my most accurate 1911 I'm tempted to slap a ambi safety in it and pack it and guess what it has adjustable sights

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    Wink Because

    People buy them.

    I have both fixed and adjustable on my carry guns, but I shoot a lot of revolvers, and revolvers have a much wider selection of ammo in both power and bullet weight.

    None of my autos have adjustable sights except a 22 or two.
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    I have no problem with true adjustables but am aware of their (usually) larger profile - and so just possibly more to catch on clothing and hang up.

    My SIG is all simple dovetails and so pretty low profile and once set up - really no need for further changes.

    So - I'd carry with adjustables - and have done when I had M28 on board - but on balance am that shade happier with the smaller fixed.
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    I have never ripped open my side with a Novaks rear sight, but I have with adjustables....
    other than the snag factor, I see no reason to not carry them....
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    My experience

    I have shot alot of matches and I found that on many guns, mine included, the adjustable sights seems to come apart during rough use. Some of the newer ones now are a little more durable.

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    Some early negativity with adjustable sights on 1911 semi~autos began with the Colt Gold Cup rear sights that would occasionally pop off and go flying at very bad times.

    Then...some of the early custom Colt 1911s had S&W ADJ rear revolver sights milled into the rear of the pistol slide & they were sometimes not very durable on a semi~auto.

    Then it was felt that the target type fronts were not the best suited for carry. Too sharp and snaggy.

    Then I remember the old argument...if your sights are non~adjustable then they can't ever move out of adjustment.

    With a really good holster it would not bother me at all having good durable ADJ sights on a defensive carry firearm.

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    I have not found the need for adjustable sights on a carry gun.
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    My pair of copper Lincolns.: In a real time SHTF CQB self-defense scenario, won't have the need nor time to use sights.
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    I don't have a problem with adjustable sights on a defensive arm.
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    Has anyone tried THESE ?

    MMC makes them , look very good - wonder if they are tough.
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    Cant say as i have

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    Are we talking about the concealed carry ranges that IMO we will be shooting? I do not feel that I will ever exchange shots with a BG from beyond 15 yards. And IMO that will be a very long distance.

    I know that I will be in the minority here as with carring 45rds of ammo. The altercations that we will find ourselves in will be very fast and very close. Most of the people here seem to feel that if something bad is going down,they will simply retreat while covering anyway. When we enchange gunfire with a BG at the extreme distances,someone will eventually get around to asking,"couldn't you have simply retreated instead of shooting"?? Simply said,I feel that for us,a LONG shot will be 7-10 yards. Do I have a bank of facts and figures to back up this claim ?? No I don't. But that is my opinion. We all have one of those, I'm sure and they all wont be even near the same.

    Some of the people here will say ,yeah but what happens if I have to take a shot at 50 yards?? 100yds?? Wouldn't it be better to have ajustable sights and not need them than to need them and not have them?? Maybe so.

    We will all come to a gunfight as prepared as we think that we should be. Some with 45(or more)rds of ammo, 2 blades,and two lights. Some without these items.

    How many shots at BG's are taken without the use of any sights at all. We all see them on TV. The LEO's spraying bullets towards the BG's fast and furious. Will it be the same for us, or will we carefully raise our weapon to eye level,remembering all our training,carefully put the front sight where it's supposed to be in the rear sight,then slowly and deliberately squeeze the trigger with a perfectly placed finger. I think not.

    One advantage that I could see for adjustables on a combat weapon is that you could adjust the sights for different loads. This would usually be up-down. But even at the extreme, you hit the BG on the 2nd button from the top instead of the first. So what.

    All of my hunting handguns have adjustable sights. They are used for the extreme ranges of a pistol/revo. Sometime when all you can see is a head or part of a chest.

    Also we are talking about a weapon that has a 5"(max) bbl(sight radius) with a bullet going really slow. How accurate do we expect our weapons to be?--------

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    Normally not, but one exception

    I have used a number of CCW guns, and I believe they have all had fixed sights with one exception. The exception is my S&W model 66-3 snubby, which has the typical S&W revolver adjustable sights. These are really quite rounded and low profile, however, and I have never had a problem with snagging.

    And it gives you confidence to be able to zero in the gun by adjusting the sights as you shoot at the range. Then you know it will shoot where you aim it.
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    Here is an adjustable sight (windage & elevation) for 1911s that is based on the Novak style of sight......
    (There are a couple of makers of this type, Heinie & Caspian are but 2.)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Adjustable Sights on a Carry Gun why not?-novak_adj.jpg  

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    All the sights on my weapons are "adjustable". Some just require different tools to adjust them.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Adjustable Sights on a Carry Gun why not?-hammer.gif  

    Adjustable Sights on a Carry Gun why not?-akdb34.jpg.jpeg  

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