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Reccomend a .22 wheel gun

This is a discussion on Reccomend a .22 wheel gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Charter Arms Pathfinder is a good one and then there's an S&W 351PD. It's expensive and it's a .22 mag. The mag is still a ...

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Thread: Reccomend a .22 wheel gun

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    Charter Arms Pathfinder is a good one and then there's an S&W 351PD. It's expensive and it's a .22 mag. The mag is still a lot cheaper than centerfire but gives more sound and blast which would make it better for training. The have a similar gun in .22 which is their model 317 Kit gun. It's an excellent back packing gun. The Smith's are very expensive and not too practical in my opinion. Not good for hunting, no good for CCW, not suitable for a woods/hiking gun because of the first two negatives.

    A little cheaper and perhaps a bit better than the Charter Arms is the Taurus ULTRA-LITE MODEL 94.

    Any of those should give you practice on the trigger because they're all heavy and the Taurus and Charters tend to be gritty as well but smooth out a bit over the years.

    If you can find one used that would be ideal but they don't normally show up used.

    Only other down fall (already mentioned) is the in ability to practice reloading which is one of the main things we need to practice with a revolver. For that a bunch of dummy rounds in speed strips or speed loaders is ideal.

    Another way to train with the revolver and save a bit is to buy wad cutters by the 1000 from someone like Georgia Arms.

    God Bless


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    Another vote for H&R. They are cheap, reliable and double action.

    I have a 999 sportsman, love it!
    There is something about firing 4,200 thirty millimeter rounds/min that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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    {Rant on} NAA needs to get off there hindends and make a DA revolver! {Rant off}

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    The absolute most accurate .22 revolver I have ever shot was the 6 inch Dan Wesson. It had a heavy vent rib barrel and would put the bullet exactly where you held it.
    Great gun.
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    I use an S&W Model 17 as an understudy gun. Being a K-frame, it is a best match for medium-framed sixguns, but is still helpful for SIG DAKs, SP101s, and J-frames, at least in MY hands.

    The absolute best match for an SP101 is a .22 LR version of the SP101, but unless Ruger decides to release another run of them, they are collectible, and priced accordingly when they are available pre-owned.

    The best match for a J-frame is another J-frame, and I have nearly bought an S&W Model 63 several times over the years. Eventually, assuming a normal lifespan, I will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexster View Post
    The absolute best match for an SP101 is a .22 LR version of the SP101...

    The best match for a J-frame is another J-frame, ...
    Couldn't have said it better myself. There are cheaper ways to go, but none will make your training as effective as training on the exact same platform.
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    S&W model 43. The frame, trigger, etc are the same as the 642. Very good "practice" gun.
    BTW, I carry a 642 myself, Galco IWB, Winchester +P, 125 Gr SWCJHP or Hydrashoks. Very smooth trigger.

    Smith has always made 22 cal versions of all its wheel guns, espically what the LEO agencies buy. This way, thay can train the officers cheaply.
    I had a chief special model 36 and its 22 cal counterpart, back in the 70s. I would go into a discount sporting goods store, and buy a brick of 10 boxes of 50 rounds 22 ammo (500 rounds) for $10.

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