How many of you have looked, tried, and found that you are only comfortable with 1?

This is a discussion on How many of you have looked, tried, and found that you are only comfortable with 1? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A couple of months ago I started on a quest to find an alternate/fall back carry gun because my one and only carry is rare, ...

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Thread: How many of you have looked, tried, and found that you are only comfortable with 1?

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    How many of you have looked, tried, and found that you are only comfortable with 1?

    A couple of months ago I started on a quest to find an alternate/fall back carry gun because my one and only carry is rare, no longer imported, getting worn (cosmetically embarrassing), and at the time, I had doubts of being able to get timely repairs made if she suffered a major failure (not pleased with the concept of not having a carry for any length of time). Such are the joys of owning a full size steel Baby Eagle/Jericho 941 in .40 S&W. I own the Subaru Brat of firearms. Great car, reliable & durable, virtually impossible to find.

    I touched, handled, and scrutinized a huge variety of .40 cal pistols. I bought and tried the only 2 that felt comfortable and fell within my requirements. Neither of them passed the final test. Sold one, selling the other soon. Even the cousins of the Jericho (CZ/TZ, Tanfoglio, EAA) were found wanting.

    Fortunately I was able to acquire a twin after daily searching on 3 firearm auction sites for the 2 months, so I sleep a little better at night.

    I have come to the ultimate conclusion that I will in all likelihood, only carry/own this particular make and model for the duration of my firearm carrying rights and shooting sports.

    I am just not impressed with what is out there (some sort of social status trend going to plastic guns), and have no overwhelming desire to start a collection of handguns to pick and choose who gets to go to work/errand running with me, or shoot in this weeks competition.

    Fortunately it appears that Magnum Research (now a division of Kahr Arms) will resume the importation of the Israeli Jericho 941, AKA Baby Eagle (V2.0). So I will probably be getting a third to add to the family. I may splurge and convert one to a borderline race gun for the IPSA(?)/USPSA matches (I'm partial to IDPA but want more than one trigger time day a month).

    I am curious to know how many of you only have one make, model, and caliber handgun? May have multiples, but still just the one.

    If so, what is your reason?

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    I have about 5 handhuns, but I only carry one most of the time, It's comfortable and reliable, I would say I carry it about 80% of the time,
    the only other gun I carry is a full size 1911 .45 not because I feel the need for more firepower or to impress someone just like to carry something diffrent once in awhile.The others are mostly just because I like handguns and are for the range.If you have found a gun you are happy with and really like then that's the one for you.

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    I thought that only one was needed....then my carry habits and dress changed. I started with a P226/9mm...I didn't have a problem CCing it...until I went to CA and wanted something a bit smaller to CC in warmer weather. At that time, SIG just came out with the P229 in .40S& that's what I got. To this day, it is the best gun I carry and shoot....again, a few years later, I needed something a little more discreet...I wanted a Kahr MK40, but got a good deal on an MK9. Great for CCing in an ankle (for a while, it was my church gun and used as my ankle gun when travelling)...

    Then my needs changed again...this time I picked up a P239/.40....

    So, I guess it goes to your needs....
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    I like options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksholder View Post
    I like options.
    I like handguns...
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    That is like saying I will only drive one make and model of car. Anything mechanical will wear with use and eventually fail beyond repair. Then where are you.

    You could also say that you will only ever shoot DA revolvers. Why limit yourself? I doubt if you are incapable of learning a new platform. Shooting isn't that hard.

    Could it just be that you have simply found "what works for you"? That is great. Many never find that "perfect" platform.

    Here is where I think you limit yourself. To say that you are only comfortable with the Baby Eagle is one thing, but to imply that no other handgun will work for you is absurd. There is no reason that a moderately competent shooter can not pick up virtually any handgun, and within a reasonable amount of practice, be almost, if not just as, good as they are with their primary.

    This is not to say that there aren't better quality platforms, or platforms that just work better for you due to physical setup, trigger weight, etc. We are talking competence here, not virtuosity. Can you be competent with another platform? Of course you can.

    Stick with what works best for you, but don't limit yourself. You're better than that.

    For what it's worth, I have three different guns that I carry based on situation not on whim. It's a tool. Use the right tool for the job.

    Just my $0.02. Hopefully worth what you paid for it.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    I've carried only one platform in over 40 years....... 1911. Not saying at all, that everyone should carry one. I have different 1911's, but in a sudden confrontation, I don't want my muscle memory to be trying to present a 1911, when I switched off that morning, and decided to carry my P226. I'm a firm believer in, and I teach... " carry one platform, and become proficient with it". Back-up guns are an addition, not a replacement to a primary gun.

    To each his/her own.... just my two cents....
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    How many of you have looked, tried, and found that you are only comfortable with 1?
    I'm the opposite of that. My stable of handguns seems to grow a bit each year and contains both wheel guns and autoloaders, any of which I'm comfortable with but some I'm more proficient with than others. My collection is however limited in calibers to 38/357 and 9MM. I don't need them all but I like them all.
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    guns are like Lays potato chips, cant stop at just one.

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    I think the Hi Point is the Subaru Brat of firearms!
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    Like some others, I believe in one platform. If push comes to shove, I want the same movements (muscle memory) being made. That being said, I carry a 1911 98% of the time. The other 2%? A Taurus 99 with 1911 controls. Years ago I was told that a back-up gun should be the same platform as the primary carry gun. I believe in that theory.

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    I own several different handguns in different calibers plus some others that have passed on. I like variety, in both handgun style and calilber. I don't necessasarily look at any of them as better or worse than the next, only different, each having advantages and disadvantages the others don't. No one, not even J. Browning, has designed the perfect handgun; each model serves some purpose better than another. Each has a different "feel" in my hand, none of which is objectionable or I wouldn't own it to begin with.

    I don't buy into "simplifying" the ammo stash--is it any more difficult to stock a box of 9mm and a box of .45 ACP than to stock two boxes of .45? Does one buy only the same models of auto because it's easier to select tires, being they're all the same size? No. I buy what ammo I need when I need it.

    I also think too much emphasis can be put on muscle memory. I can just as easily pick up my revolver, then my Glock, then my S&W 4566 and shoot any without issues or fumbling with safeties, mags, etc., just as I can go from my auto transmission to stick-shift without missing a gear. Apparently my "muscles" are capable of multi-tasking.

    For those who choose to fill their safes with only Glocks (or S&W, 1911s, etc.) of every caliber (or only one caliber), that's fine if that's what they want. Frankly, that would be boring for me. I like some spice in my firearms.
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    For me, I shoot them all profeciently, and never had an issue going from one to the other. I do however have a preference, and that is for revolvers. I also prefer steel to polymer, but have several Glocks, because they simply work. I have never been one to limit myself based on being able to only shoot this or that well enough. If you can shoot, you should be able to use any gun well enough.

    I wish I could sell my Glocks and go with strictly revolvers, both single and double action, but I know I will always have Glocks. I have had a love/hate affair with them for about 23 years now.

    OldVet, I agree completely. The muscle memory thing way overdone. I have carried a variety of things on opposite ends of the design spectrum and have never had a problem. I think that is just one more of those half baked sayings like "handguns are underpowered" that has snowballed as it is passed thru the inet circles.

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    I wish I could sell my Glocks and go with strictly revolvers, both single and double action, but I know I will always have Glocks. I have had a love/hate affair with them for about 23 years now
    I didn't warm up to Glock until this year. I now have a real love affair going with a Glock 17.
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