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This is a discussion on tyler t-grip within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by bmcgilvray I can't say that I really think the T-Grip adds to the appearance of a revolver but I can abide them. ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    I can't say that I really think the T-Grip adds to the appearance of a revolver but I can abide them. I gotta agree with you that the rubber grips are an offense to the eye. I really, really like shooting three revolvers with the T-Grip installed.

    This Model 642 came factory fitted with the factory Uncle Mikes boot grip. It did make the revolver more manageable than the older style factory thin walnut panels but provided bulk and "cling-iness" that I didn't care for in pocket use. The walnut panels with the T-Grip give better control and don't cling to fabric. Nothing better!

    The Colt Detective Special ain't half bad as it came from the factory but the T-Grip makes a good thing even better, lending itself to increased control when rolling a cylinder-full through the revolver rapid fire.

    The Smith & Wesson Model 10 has been a constant companion since the mid 1970s and I know it inside and out. Because I didn't care for the appearance of the T-Grip I avoided them for so many years, a mistake on my part. I have large hands. Years ago I tried a set of Smith & Wesson factory target K-frame grips (stocks in proper factory parlance) on the gun but wasn't completely happy with them because they added bulk to what otherwise is a surprisingly trim revolver that is capable of quite a few concealed carry applications. So, I put the originals back on it and went with them for many years. The more recent addition of the T-Grip was a boon to my shooting and increased the enjoyment of using the revolver.

    The original holster I purchased for the Model 10 has seen a lot of field use. It's been a jillion miles on hunting, fishing, and hiking trips. It is a Smith & Wesson brand holster from a line they distributed in the mid-1970s. They were inexpensive, not very attractive, and didn't provide the best fit in the world but were made of sturdy leather. Seems like it cost $7 and some change brand new. I guess I got my money's worth. Early in 2010 the retention strap finally gave way. I continued to use it some but finally retired it. My brother-in-law found me a vintage Smith & Wesson holster for a Christmas present because he couldn't hardly imagine seeing me without the combination glued to my hip when outdoors.
    We seem to have the same taste in both J frame grips,and carry ammo.
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    Thanks Roadrash!

    I noticed your good tastes, heh!

    I figured you were sporting some sort of +P 158 grain ordnance in that speed strip.

    Got the Model 642 in 1998 and immediately tossed the rubber grips in favor of the walnut grips. Recoil with +P ammunition was none too comfortable. Addition of a T-Grip to the Model 642 went a long way to taming the beast and yielded the most improvement of the 3 T-Grip equipped revolvers I have.
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    Used the T-grip adapters a long time on M36, M38, M10 & M13. They ain't pretty but they worked pretty well. Liked them much better than old style target and oversize wooden grips. Still got a batch of em for j frame and k frames.

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